11 Types Of Woman Bags One Should Have

Woman bags

Handbags are typically small to large sizes of bag which are fashionably designed so that one can carry their personal items.

Bags have many types, and clearly every girl is excited to shop all types of bags!

So let’s get started!

Here are the 11 types of bags a girl must have.


Backpacks are one of the best bags a girl must have.

They are useful as the space is more and we are habitual to use backpacks since school time.

Points one must look into for backpacks:

*Must be water resistant.
*Zippers are of good quality
*Multiple compartments
*Shoulder straps are good
*Perfect size you want


Baguette bag is a small, compact handbag.

It was designed by Fendi in 1997.

Most of the time these bags are handmade and material is used to make the bag is cotton canvas, not all baguette bags are made up of cotton canvas.

The other common names are “IT BAG” or “FENDI BAG”

The petite short strap shoulder bag hit an iconic status when it was carted around religiously by 00’s style maven, Carrie Bradshaw.

It’s basically a bag on which you should get your hands ASAP


A bag without handles but with detachable chain strap, rectangular in shape is a basic clutch.

It is one of the best purses available.

Most of the time everyone uses clutch by keeping it in their hands, rather than attaching the strap and carrying it on shoulder.

You can use it to keep and carry your currency, whether plastic or paper, and other things too, but then it depends on the size of clutch.

Clutches are unique.

It helps you carry less baggage
Helps you being in low maintenance, gives your shoulders, back and neck a break from holding the bags


Sling bags never ditch your fashion essential for space.

Sling bags though they look small but are really spacious.

You can fit in things like
Your basic makeup
Hand creams
Pencil/Pen, and many other things if you want to and if you carry them.


Tote bags are love aren’t they?

Everyone loves tote bags they are huge spacious, you can fit in all your things plus they look beautiful!

Tote bags are available in different shapes sizes colors materials etc and are love!


Now, as everyone has their own preferences, so those preferences are not always regarding the spaces of bags but also regarding handles of the bag!

Some may prefer small handles some may prefer top handles etc!

So top handle bags are one of the bags which you must have if you have preferences for handles.

Also, they look beautiful with formal clothing.


Not everyone uses a purse to keep their cash, some are comfortable using wallets!

They are small, tiny, and intact.

They are rectangular in shape and are in different colors and materials.


Having denim bags is everyone’s wish isn’t it?

Let it be in whatever type whether it’s a backpack or a tote or a sling.

But we want something in denim.

They look good and match with any type of clothing or color combination you wear!


As some have preferences as regards their bags for handles, colors and all.

Some just love bags as per the shapes of the bag!

Some might like it rectangular whereas some might love it as a square shaped bag!

Honestly if given a personal opinion square bags can fit in more things compared to other type of bags!


They are small backpacks with single shoulder strap.

It is similar to backpack but because of its single shoulder strap feature it is different from backpack!

If searched online you will find these kinds of bags are used in Army and Marine Corps, but now a day’s haversack bags are used by Ladies as well!


Satchel bags are bold, their colors are beautiful and they always add on an extra glam to whatever your outfit might be!

Satchel bags are always one strap bags, most of the time the strap is worn so that it diagonally crosses the body, and the bag hangs on the opposite of hip.

So yeah! That’s it!

If you’re a bag fan, should have these 11 types of bags in your wardrobe.

They are beautiful, they help carrying your personal things and they are bold!

Don’t we all love bags?

Yes we do, so what are you waiting for?

Just grab the bags ASAP!

-Written by Mansi(Intern at BoldBlush)

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