Top 10 Food Festivals in India For Foodies

Food festivals in India

Food festivals in India that are worth to explore for all foodies. Once in a life do try the cuisine of different states and cultures.

Does the name of various food cuisines beams a smile on your face?

Does your gossips takes a turn towards the discussion of food items?

Do you often imagine the savoury taste of crispy chicken in the middle of writing projects for your meeting?

Is exploring food items of every cuisine available on this planet your ultimate goal?

If the answer of the above questions is YES, then yes you have come to the right place and surely at the right time

Here are the top 10 Food festivals in our very own country which appear as a boon to fulfill the desires of every foodie like you!

1. Goa food festival:

May (every year).

If you want to enjoy Asian seafood without compromising your summer tour to a beach then this is the correct place for you.

This event is organised by the Goan government and this fest displays the Goan culture through its flavours.

2. Sattvik food festival:

December(every year).

This food festival is a paradise for vegans.

This festival promotes the home grown crops and showcases delicacies which can be made without using non vegetarian food products.

3. Ahare Bangla:

Newtown ,Kolkata.
November(every year).

This is an initiative taken by government of Bengal to promote its cuisine among the non- Bengalis.

You will find an unusual blend of roasted spices in every bite you take which will make you savour each and every moment.

Every food item displays a part of the traditional culture of Bengal.

4. Delhi Food truck festival:

JL Nehru road ,New Delhi.
Mid-November(every year)

Enjoy the irresistible taste of delicacies with usual entertainment of live music and dance performances.

It has various collection of food items which will makes your taste buds crave for more.

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5. Andhra Food and Sweet festival:

January mid(every year).

It is organised by ministry of tourism of Andhra Pradesh.

This 15 day Food festival is a boon for authentic foodies of India.

Bamboo Chicken is a must try from this place.

6. Flavours from East coast:

Mid February(Every year)

Come and give your taste buds a never ending feel of exotic flavours.

This place is a must to relish food items from Eastern India.

7. Moplah food festival :


Come and experience the authentic flavour of Kerala.

The every bite you take will make you feel the culture and tradition of Kerala.

8. Mumbai Street food festival:

September(every year).

Street food is Mumbai’s speciality.

The frankie rolls and vada pav are the classic food items of this festival that are a must try.

9. The Gourmet Fest :

Poona , Maharashtra.
Mid November.

Winter food carnival to warm the taste buds of the people with the delicacies of Marathi cuisine.

10.The food mania fest:


This fest promises to offer delicious classic food items with it’s own style.

The spicy cooked crabs, lambs, prawns chicken goes well with biryani!

The Pessara attu for breakfast should be tried and a simple thali for lunch or dinner from there will surely leave your taste buds craving for more.

The fragrance of the spices used in their food can never be forgotten.

Explore its various dishes and give yourself a break from your monotonous meals every day!

Food forms an integral part of our existence.

Each one of us crave for tasty delicacies and most of the time we sacrifice our health just for the sake of good taste.

The food festivals like the ones mentioned above deserves a try from you all and it also gives you a chance to explore the colours and taste of India.

These food festivals taking place in our respective cities should be encouraged to continue so that the classic flavour of each and every portion of India is well preserved for our upcoming generation.

Hit the road and start eating!

That’s all for today.

I hope you liked it.

Comment below if you have been to any of these and share your experience with me.

I would love to know it 🙂

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