8 Tips To Build Self Confidence Instantly


Build Self Confidence is something that is not inbuilt, we have to nurture it day by day. Also sometimes we feel very low, so these tips will help you out.

Self confidence is an important asset of every individual.

It is the foundation of success of every goal.

The best part about self-confidence is that it is not a quality you are born with but you develop it gradually as you live in this world.

It is a kind of muscle training which you give to your brain to accept the challenges of life just like the way you train your body muscles in the gym.

Build Self Confidence with practice and more practice.

The smallest decision you make to the larger decisions of life involves a zing of self confidence in it.

Here are 8 tips which will Build Self Confidence instantly to promote your overall well being in the society:

1. I am sexy and I know it:

Say positive affirmations out loud in your head continuously at regular intervals.

This will help you not to keep this useful quality in a dormant state.

2. Shout out loud in the open air:

Allows your mind to clear away the clutters inside it by letting it out in a carefree manner.

This helps a lot when you are nervous about a meeting within an hour with an important client of yours or when you are about to meet someone new!

3. Go for walk:


Simply go for a lonely walk nearby in a peaceful environment.

This will help in self reflection of your current situation and naturally it will boost up your self confidence.

4. Listen to motivational podcasts:

There are plenty of resources available online in the form of motivational and self help podcasts.

Listening to them just for ten minutes will increase your self confidence exponentially.

5. 15 minutes meditation:

Simple sitting down comfortably on your chair or the floor and closing your eyes while observing your natural breathing without actually changing it will work wonders for you.

Before any decisions you make or any task you do, this helps best.

Benefits Of Meditation For Students

6. Talk to your loved ones:

Just give a call to your partner or your best friend and talk to them casually.

This will help your mind to shift your attention from present situation to relaxed situation where you are simply having a light talk.

7. Dance like no one’s watching:

Simply lock the door of your cabin or room ,plug in your earphones and dance to some jazz or pop music.

Dancing on Despacito or Cheap Thrills before any crucial task will raise your self confidence to an optimum level as music releases dopamine, which is a chemical released in your brain that works in enhancing your motivated mindset.

8. Grooming:


In India fashion is still considered as a RICH thing and I completely agree.

But what a proper grooming or wearing good looking clothes can does is really commendable.

You don’t need a lot of money.

Just a little bit research and sense of wearing GOOD clothes.

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