Why To Bring New Babies In An Over Crowded Country?

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We all want solutions but nobody wants to work on it. What is the need for bringing new babies to an over crowded country?

Hello everyone.

I think by title you guessed what I am going to discuss.

India is an over populated country.

We all know.

We all want solutions.

But nobody wants to work on it.

The one of the best solutions is to ban on new births for atleast 5 years.

Our country has problems to accommodate food and house for the people who are already there.

How will it able to do for new ones?

I know implementing it is a bit difficult.

But by making a law and spreading awareness can make a change.

Atleast who are educated, who can understand the concept will take a step.

I agree to a limit that a baby has genes of his/her parents.

But what you teach them and the upbringing environment is the most important.

If you adopt a one, may be he/she doesn’t have face features as yours.

Adoption Agencies In India

But the way you’ll grow them, that matters.

I don’t understand the obsession of people to have their own babies.

Baby is a piece of GOD.

It is just like clay.

The way you mould and shape it, that matters how better a pot it can become.

I think it’s high time to take an action and spread more awareness.

Rather than bringing a new child to a country.

It is better to adopt old ones or help poor people by sharing resources.

Let’s become more humane.

Let’s minimize the gap between ultra rich and ultra poor.

It is a two way thing, government also need to support it.

By making adoption procedure much easier and hassle-free.

It will take time.

But we should at least start giving a thought.

Stop donating in orphanage and start adopting.

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