10 Cool Birthday Gifts For Women All Guys Must Know

Gifts for her

For boys it is a big battle to find Gifts for her, I can understand. So here I am telling you cool birthday gifts for women.

It’s very difficult to choose what to gift to your special ones.

And moreover, if it is a GIRL.

Yes, we all know how choosey and specific they are with their stuff.

So here are the 10 cool birthday gifts for women-

We hope you like it so let’s get started!


Girls do love flowers, gift her rose bouquet or maybe any other flower she loves.

Gifting a chocolate rose bouquet is also a good idea you know!


If your girl is a fan of jewellery, then gifting her a ring, or a pendant or maybe earrings or any other jewellery you feel will look best on her.

There are many choices and varieties from which you can choose jewellery for your girl.


Gifting anything customized let it be a customized pillow, mug or t-shirt or you can even go for the idea of customizing some bracelet into her name or with your name in a small heart.

You can do the same with a pendant as well.


Girls love soft toys..!

Now, when we say soft toys it doesn’t only mean just teddy bears; like you can even gift animal soft toys like pandas, cats; or some cute dolls or any other soft toy that you think she will love.


Perfumes are one of the basic gifts we give, don’t we?

If we don’t find anything else to gift, a common idea that comes in our mind is a bottle of perfume.

A perfume if chosen wisely; wisely in this context means that choosing the best fragrance for her, then at the end it all works!

So a perfume if chosen wisely is always at a rescue and amazing Gifts for her.


Making a journal even if it’s kind of 5 to 10 pages that are just great!

Because she will notice your hard work and will love your gift!

You can stick so many pictures, you can write love quotes you can write your secret codes of any which only you both understand and so much more!

Handmade stuff is one of the best birthday gifts for women.


This gift idea is another idea which shows her your efforts.

Purchasing a card from outside and gifting doesn’t feel that special as compared to making a card yourself and gifting her!

Write down a poem for her, write what you feel about her, and write what you think about her!

And there are so many more things as well!


You can gift her bags as well; let it be a tote bag, a clutch or any other kind of bag sling or whatever you think you want to gift!

It will even be useful for her and choose a good colour so that she loves the bag!


Gifting clothes or shoes, sandals, heels; or even watches is another good option, why?

Gifting clothes or shoes to any girl will make her happier as compared to gifting any other gift.

She will always love it, provided it’s her favorite colour.


Now, whatever gift you take with yourself to gift her, don’t forget purchasing a cake and chocolates, and take them along!

Buy your girl’s favourite flavored cake; let it be chocolate or red velvet or any other cake!

Even a pastry will do!

We hope that she loves it!

Do comment below your queries if you still can’t figure out Gifts for her.

And we will help you out 🙂

-Written by Mansi(Intern at BoldBlush)

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