What Is Body Positivity And How To Achieve It

Body positivity

Body positivity in the era of vast usage of social media is a hard core thought to build in our minds.

It is obvious for teenagers to feel bad about their body shape after scrolling hundreds of images of Victoria Secret models.

The constant urge in one’s mind to look according to the eyes of the beholder creates negative feelings about oneself thus lowering their self esteem.

Many cases of suicides are common among girls with bulgy figures as their minds are frustrated regarding people’s stereotypical ideas regarding the figure of a woman.

The practice of harming oneself with eating just once a day and torturing oneself just to look slim really puts away the idea of body positivity and then it becomes a tedious task to achieve.

The shape of my body can appeal to one set of people and also it may not appeal to another set of people.

Loving and nurturing one’s body is all about body positivity.

Here are some points to inculcate this within yourself:

1. Your shape is perfect! :

You need to say this as an affirmation constantly to yourself.

It will not only boost your self confidence but also keep away from negativity of people’s idea of desired shape of a lady.

2. Meditation:

Devoting 15 minutes daily just for strengthening your mind to fight back the body shaming comments hurled upon you will do wonders!

3. Eliminating junk food:

The junk food can never be healthy for your body and mind.

It has the strongest potential to produce and store unhealthy fats in your body.

Replacing junk food at regular intervals with some digestive biscuits, Indian Poha ,Fruit salads,Sprouts can easily help you to keep a healthy figure.

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4. Discarding White Sugar:

Sugar is present in every processed food items(sweet).

This proposes a great challenge for one to avoid it completely but we surely can minimise its usage as it is also one important factor for obesity.

5. Exercising daily:

Running, jogging, work out can help you to burn the excess calories you have had in a day thus decreasing your chances of becoming obese.

6. Buy a Fit-Bit watch:

It will keep a track of your daily calorie burns and will help you monitor your eating habits.

Normal calorie intake for adult is 2000-2200 kilo-calories a day.

However having more calories greater than the required amount will store excess fats in your body.

7. Your body is your first priority:

Body positivity is all about feeling satisfied with one’s body shape.

It all depends on how you prioritise your own choices more than the choices of others.

Your body is your instrument not an ornament.

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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