7 Smart Tips On How To Hide Belly Fat

How to hide belly fat in tight dress

Belly fat is like that irritating kid who doesn’t cry in real but scream out loud. So I gotta some tips on how to hide belly fat In a tight dress.

Belly fats become irritating when you want to go to a party dressed up like a diva or simply when you want to flaunt your figure in your swimwear.

Besides lowering your self-esteem they also put up a clumsy first impression when you meet someone for the first time.

Looking slimmer not only boosts your self-confidence but also helps in your daily chores of life.

Not everyone has the figure of Victoria secret models.

When you just want to look good for the evening or simply want to look slimmer just for a night in a red saree then here are 7 tips on how to hide belly fat:

1. Darker silhouettes:

Wearing dark shady clothes tremendously helps you look slimmer compared to wearing white coloured clothes.

You can wear plain black or funk it up with intricate patterns of black or grey.

2. Thick belly fat belts:

They are made up of thick spandex material and they do help a lot in pressing away from your belly bump to several inches.

Then you can wear trousers, pants, t-shirts, ethnic and look way slimmer than you actually are.

3. V-shaped tops:

You can wear tops or t-shirts with a chiselled V-shape and it hides your tummy and also gives a diva look.

4. Layering:

Shop for very fine and thinner long shrugs or duster coats with beautiful cuts in it that goes down till your knees.

The thicker ones add to your belly fat hence be careful in choosing your fabric!

5. Underpants:

Wear underpants with a thicker belt to push in your tummy automatically.

Avoid wearing thongs with thin or fine belts as it simply does not work in reducing your fat.

6. Choice of tops:

These are highly crucial if you really want to look slim or hide your fat in a casual outfit.

Go for tops with cuts longer in your groin region. Go for scooped cut tops.

Avoid crop tops as it makes you look bulkier.

Straight cut tops also don’t work well as it gives you a boxy abdomen if you wear it.

7. Lifestyle:

A little bit of exercise early in the morning will do you no harm but provide you with tremendous benefits.

Moreover, go for vegan diets and avoid junk food.

Various postures of Yoga helps in pushing away your belly fat permanently if done regularly.

Best is to buy a fitbit(watch tracker) to measure everyday input-

These were some tips on how to hide belly fat in a tight dress.

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