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Do you crack jokes?

Did people applaud you because of your good sense of humour?


It means you can write jokes too.

Comedy is something that attracts a huge audience.

As we all know famous Youtuber Bhuvan Bam(BB ki vines)

He is the no. 1 youtuber in India.

How? All thanks to COMEDY.

And if you have the power of making laugh.

It is awesome.

Also it is a nice way to earn money.

Because people need content.

And you can create it by writing jokes.

Thejokehub is one such sites where you can write jokes for money.

You just have to register there and start earning.

You can earn from 1,000 to 10,000 per month.

Your free time is not only utilised but also you are helping to create comedy content.

Not only it is a necessity but also people respect that.

For example

मेरे whatsapp पे एक बन्दा

इतनी sad शायरी send करता है कि

अब तो मैं भी उसकी

ex-girlfriend को मिस करने लगा हूँ …

Funny right?

Not only in Hindi, you can write in English too.


Talking between two friends Ronnie and Bonnie. Ronnie: Tell me, what is the difference between marrying and marrying marriage? Bonnie: It’s pretty straightforward. Ronnie: Oh, do not tell me. Bonni: Listen, the difference is very simple. If you marry, you have to marry your lover, and then marry another’s lover in marriage.

Also I think the one of the most funniest categories to crack on joke is Husband Wife Jokes.

Even if you are in a relationship or even if you are a child you have seen that little fights of your parents.

Basically it is the best category to explore.

What are you waiting for?

Just grab the opportunity and register yourself today only on the Thejokehub.

If you can earn some extra bucks from the talent you have, what is the harm?

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