How To Get Out Of Breakup | 15 Ways


How to get out of breakup is a nightmare for everyone. Nobody wants to face it. But hello? You have to, or your friend has too.

If you have recently broken up with someone or just got dumped I am pretty sure this is like the 50th article you are reading about how to deal with a breakup or how to get over someone.

And if your friend has recently broken up, then I guess you are already tired of listening to their sad story, receiving phone calls at the middle of the night and bearing with all those emotional dramas, isn’t it?

If a relationship comes to an end with mutual consent of two people and mutual understandings that things are not working between them anymore it gets pretty easier to deal with it, but what about a bad breakup?

All of a sudden things ending up over a call or text or when you are tired of never-ending fights and decide to end its life gets uglier.

So, here are a few ways about how to deal with a bad breakup which would help you if you are in this phase or guys whose friends are going through this phase right now.

1. Don’t call or text them like a pathetic loser.

Well, I am sorry if this sounds rude, but if you are dumped no matter how badly you want to get that person back in your life, don’t beg in front of them.

Your self-respect is more valuable than someone who ditched you.

So, calling them and asking them to come back to you is a big NO-NO.

2. Don’t stalk them and always try to keep yourself updated about them.

It’s his or her life, and you are definitely not a part of it now, so stop keeping your mind pre-occupied with their life status and embrace your own.

3. Say no to we-can-be-just-friends deal.

Why do you even want that when things have already become ugly between you two?

Even if you say yes to this, you won’t be able to get over it, which will definitely affect your life and future relationships.

4. This is a request PLEASE DO NOT DRUNK AND DIAL.

A major mistake committed by almost everyone.

A major mistake committed by almost everyone.

You all of a sudden calling that person and spewing nonsense or crying continuously or emotionally blackmailing is absolutely not acceptable.

So, next time you even try to drunk dial just ask your friends to take your phone and throw it out of the window.

5. Don’t drink alone.

If you feel like drinking, just call some of your close friends and do whatever you want but not alone.

Because you might end up doing something you will regret letter like the point mentioned above.

6. Build up a positive environment around you.

Just be with people who will encourage you and not irritate you by asking about the sad breakup story over and over again.

Don’t be around people you will clog your mind with negativities or blame you about the current situation of your life.

7. Hang out with your friends more often. Hangout

Well, accept it or not when you are in a relationship, we tend to incline more towards that person and spend more time with them.

Now that he or she isn’t a part of your life anymore enjoy more with your friends.

Go for movies, plan a night out and give your mind some peace.

8. Learn from your past relationship.

If you broke up, you should definitely have some strong reasons for that and just make sure that you don’t face the same problems in future when you are about to date someone else.

And if you got dumped it’s essential to figure it out what happened, you just need to evolve and if you were guilty accept it because that’s the only way you can rectify yourself and if it wasn’t your fault pour wine on his/her clothes the time you see him/her.

P.S That was a joke.

9. Do some intense workout.

This is an excellent way to get over all the harmful kinds of stuff and rage in your mind.

Just throw out all the anger you had in mind through this physical workouts.

10. Go on a road trip. Road trips

Once you are back to your healthy life, just plan an impromptu road trip.

It can be with friends or even solo just go for it.

Do some real adventure, explore new places, and most importantly you can spend time with yourself, which is the best part.

11. You can go on a casual date.

Well, make sure you don’t do this right after the breakup, but eventually, you can go on dates just to meet someone new.

And in case you really find someone very interesting you can think of dating him/her but take things slowly.

12. Spend some ME time.Me time

Spend some weekends laying down in your PJs, watching your favourite TV show and eating extra cheese pizza.

It’s good to enjoy all by yourself at times.

13. The moments you really break down just let it out.

Cry as much as you want because that will actually help you to feel better.

Don’t suppress your emotions and be in pain because that will gradually lead to stress and anxiety.

14. Stop blaming yourself.

This is very important after a breakup.

Always remember that both of you were in this together and you don’t have to take the entire blame in yourself

15. Do something productive every time you are free. Productive

Well, if you are exhausted from all the office work and stuff, you can have a good long sleep or else do something that interests you and learn new things.

Because sitting idly will capture your mind with all those thoughts of your past relationship, and you will end up in a bad mood.

This is pretty much everything you can do to get over an ugly breakup.

Let me know in the comment section what you tried differently and worked out?

-Written by Annasha (Intern at BoldBlush)

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