15 Types Of Latest Bottom Wear For Women

Bottom wear

Bottom wear for women is something which is not so discussed when comes to fashion.

Pants are about 3000 years old.

Previously the males wore them as it shielded them from groin till the ankles of their body.

It provided them comfort also hence the male soldiers also preferred them to wear it during wars and obviously, the war pants were made up of metal sheets.

The Joan of Arc wore pants first being a female.

It provided her comfort and sufficient mobility while fighting for her people.

It also gave her a manly look.

Nowadays pants occupy a greater portion of a lady’s wardrobe.

With the onset of trends and availability of highly skilled designers, there are a number of styled pants available in the market.

The basic bottom wear for women can be classified as:

HOT PANTS: They are comfortable summer wears especially if they are made up of cotton.

Soft denim fabrics also work fine.

JEANS: The classic lowers of the entire world for both genders.

They are available in various shades however the shady blue ones are the most classic ones.

Jeans have standard five pockets in them.

SWEAT PANTS: Ideal for a workout regimen and gym-goers. It is a comfortable thing to wear for jogging and running.

FLARED: Extremely extravagant looking pants which suit well to ladies with long legs.

People wearing it are prone to catch others’ attention.

These pants do the talking!

CAPRI: These are Comfortable pants for anytime wear.

These go well in any occasion and do not require a specific opportunity to wear them.

TROUSERS: These are formal wears and ideal for working women.

Crisp and ironed trousers always work well.

PALAZZOS: Ethnic wear and comes in vibrant shades with intricate designs.

It totally works with long as well as short kurtis.

HAREM: These are comfortable informal wear.

And goes well with crop tops or tank tops.

SKINNY FIT: These pants in a delicate manner reveals the shape of your lower body part.

Highly recommended for girls with hourglass figures.

BROAD FIT: These come with the biggest advantage that they do not reveal the shape of your thighs hence a wonderful option for females with a high amount of thigh fat.

SALWAR: Indian styled pants which come in bright colours with floral patterns as well as without patterns.

These go well with short Kurtis and a carelessly draped dupatta or odhni.

PYJAMAS: Informal wears which are generally made of cotton.

It works well as nightwear.

CHINOS: They are two pocket trousers and comes in solid colours which work well on any occasion.

LEGGINGS: The most common outfit present today among Indian females of any age.

It goes well with slim-fit Kurtis.

CHURIDARS: They form rings above the ankles and it lights up even more with anklets.

So next time when you go for shopping, just check the above-mentioned list and pick up the item missing from here from the market.

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