5 Books On Emotions You Should Read To Understand Better

Books on emotions

Nobody taught you how to deal emotions.

But it one of the most important things in life to build long lasting relationships.

Tips For Building A Long Lasting relationship Forever

So I hope these books will help you out a bit.

1. Latitudes and longings by Shubhangi Swarup
This book makes you go through various emotions and makes you ponder about things that you don’t ponder upon.Writing and expressing about this book is quite hard to do and gets difficult by time but what makes it better is suggesting everyone you meet to suggest them to read this one.Indulge yourself in reading this book and try to make out most of it.
2. The Perfect Us by Durjoy Dutta

Life is difficult even sometimes for the happiest of couples, it gets difficult for them for issues one doesn’t have.There are little things that we have which we forget to cherish.The perfect us is a beautiful story, some people don’t read Durjoy Dutta but I personally adore his writings and that’s why I like everything that he writes.But this book is one emotional stand to go through and knowing bits of it is someone’s real story breaks my heart and makes me pray for strength of others.

3. Nadiyaan by Kavya Sharma

Sometimes we have people around us that actually care about us, love us, care for us and do everything to make us feel better , but we are in our own world of ignorance and often forget to actually take care about them.To at least acknowledge there love and efforts and this ignorance only leaves us with regret when we lose them.

This book is an example of how ignorance can lead one to a lifetime of loss.

Therefore never let someone’s effort go in vain, tell people around you that you love them, strike a conversation yourself if the other person is shy, don’t let them feel lonely or scared.

4.Table for one Neha Bindal

In a country where freedom is on papers, and everything is defined and ruled down by what others do or what others have done.A woman taking solo trips is a big deal still and taking solo trips to foreign even bigger.We are often taught to love things we don’t like, forced to person rituals we don’t believe in and live a life we are actually not enjoying.Therefore it is important to let everything go, to take a deep breath, to make things good, to believe in yourself and to love yourself , we don’t need another person , we don’t need to cling to another person to feel loved, therefore its important that we at least believe in a little self-love and self-caring.

This book makes for one sweet and simple read for you when you are travelling and struggling with failures.
5. Batman’s Guide to life Chetan Soni
I liked this book, its super short but super fun read , the quotes in the starting are the points that make it the book in this Lise, because every quote that was written was something that made me laugh, ponder, think, cry and go through a lots of emotions.Those lines are not only witty but valuable.The Author has done a great job with this book and therefore it makes for appreciation.
So here are some of the books that I liked this year, there might be a few that you did.
Tell us the ones you are planning to read in comment section.

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-Written by Kalyani Yadav(A student)

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