20 Amazing MMProTips by Malini Agarwal


Malini Agarwal is the founder of MissMalini.

Also she is a smart and lovable business woman.

I am sharing my favourite 20 MMProTips from her book- To The Moon.

1. If you must choose between money and passion, always choose passion and the money will follow.

2. Giving up on one dream doesn’t make you a quitter. Quitting dreaming does.

3. Know your worth and charge accordingly.

4. Never say no to extra work that will teach you something new for free.

5. How will you know it doesn’t work unless you try it?

6. If you’re self-conscious around someone, put a smile on your face and introduce yourself. Break the stranger barrier. They might be shy too!

7. When you leave the office excited to come home to your hobby, it’s time to make that hobby your job.

8. Find out what someone’s dream is before you give them a job.

9. Never say,’That’s not my job.’

10. Be the kind of boss you would want to follow.

11. Spread #GirlLove, be a mentor, uplift another woman in your life.

12. Build relationships, be inclusive.

13. Don’t make compromises that don’t sit well with your soul.

13. Love the skin you’re in.

14. Find investors who believe in the dream not just the revenue.

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15. Approach the world with a shield of empathy and kindness and nothing will ever hurt you.

16. You don’t have to pick a side to have an opinion.

17. I won’t blog what I can’t say to your face.

18. The more human your brand feels, the more it will connect with people.

19. There are no silly passions.

20. Teach yourself new skills, even if nobody asks you to learn them.

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