5 Things You Learn From An Internship Experience In College


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I will be talking about a very crucial topic today that is important for all the college students out there and also for everyone who are planning to start career all over again.

The importance of internships experience is very significant in a student’s life especially if you are a college student. They help you get a real world experience and gain many skills in various aspects that will help you get a better job in future.

Honestly, many students or most of the students look out for a paid internship which adds up to their pocket money at the end of the month. But an internship irrespective of the pay can influence your resume and help you reach a better position in your professional life.

There are various internships paid, unpaid, work from home and on any field such as web designing, content writing, animation, fashion, content writing and many more.

So, if you have keen interest in any particular subject just create a resume and keep applying for internships as per your convenience.

Now I am going to elaborate about the importance of internships especially when you are a college student.

1. A glimpse of real world

When you are joining a company for an internship you get a clear perspective of how a company works, you do actual work and coordinate with your colleagues. You gain an experience on the field you chose and get to make a decision if you want to continue in that particular subject matter.

Basically it opens up a lot of career options from which you can decide what to pursue in future by working practically and gaining experiences.

And along with that you learn how to become more professional and add few good points in your resume.

2. Networking

Once you start working as an intern you will get to attend various meetings which will help you to interact with many professionals. Meeting new people who are already excelling in the field will help you gain some valuable experiences.

You will know how to communicate with people in a professional level and also it will boost your confidence.

You will learn how to manage events and also how to convince people like investors when you are giving a presentation.

Moreover, knowing influential people will help you get good recommendations for job opportunities.

Always remember that internships under a good mentor can bring you ample of excellent chances.

Importance Of Networking In College

3. Time management

When you are entering into a professional life you will be given deadlines for every tasks and assignment. You will be a total expert in time management once you sign up for an internship.

You have to make every minute count when you will be working in a professional environment.

Making presentations, attending business meetings, small group discussions, phone calls and what not within the deadlines will make you a total pro.

And this will help you a lot once you get a placement because you won’t be an inexperienced head anymore.

4. Importance of resume

Now this is a truth in every field that the stronger the resume the more you are likely to get hired. If your resume contains a healthy number of internship experiences, projects and trainings you are already ahead of most of your competitors.

And in today’s world of nail biting competition you don’t stand a chance anywhere in the professional world if you don’t gather experiences.

If you think you can’t manage time between your studies and internship than try to find work from home internships at first and eventually you will get used to it.

Nobody wants to hire someone with a generic resume and zero practical skills.

5. Career foundation

Once you start working as an intern you will get a clear idea of what you want to pursue in future. And hence you can apply for more internship in that field and you will surely get a good placement.

And all the students who want to pursue higher studies can participate in certain projects and research works.

So, let me tell you a bit more about the trainings.

There are many online platforms such as Internshala and My Captain which provides summer and online trainings especially during the semester breaks. The training duration is mostly 6-7 weeks and they will provide tutorial, assignments and will guide you through it.

And once you complete the training you can find an internship from their platform too.

I got my first content writing internship from Internshala and it has helped me a lot in improving my writing and communication skills.

So, this is a request to everyone out there that don’t miss this opportunity and make the right use of your time. I myself being an engineering student understand very well that how valuable internships are to build a good career.

So all the best and wish you a bright future ahead.

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