How to Stick To New Year Resolutions | Practical Tips

How we make resolutions quickly but not able to achieve as the year passes by. I want to provide some practical on how to stick to new year resolutions.
The new year has arrived and the countdown has come to an end, so as the most anticipated thing here is a list of a few things related to new year resolutions.
Don’t we all make new year resolutions but get over them even before one week, our excitement doesn’t even last long. So what we need to think before making a resolution is how we can take resolutions and inculcate them to make ourselves a better person by adding them to our daily routine and making them as a habit.
1. First thing is to make a mindset that you don’t want a resolution for a week or month rather you want to do something that you want to turn into habit or something that will take you forward towards your goal and for that what is the most important thing is that you must make a list of things that are habits you want to inculcate within yourselves or steps you want to take towards having a brighter future.

2. Make a list of things that are practical to do.

Don’t make unrealistic resolutions. Make resolutions that are practical for you and not something you read or copied. Everyone has a different structure of living and resources and not everyone is capable of getting everything so it becomes very important to make your resolutions as practical for you as possible.
3. One can take ideas and inspirations from everywhere but it is important to develop your own thought process to inculcate your own habits and to make a better tracking system of habits out of it.
The second thing is to be smart about making resolutions, now being smart means you need to focus on things you want to have this year, or which you want to improve from the last year. Like if there was a habit of yours which is reducing your productivity, leave that habit as soon as possible and take it as a resolution to keep yourself with it.
4. Take small steps don’t just leap into something grand instantly, take baby steps to achieve what you really want to do, like if your goal is to read more this year and you read suppose 10 books last year, set your mid-year goal as 10 books this time , and if you are able to complete it by mid of the year than increase it for the rest of the year.
This way you are not pressurised to cope with the resolutions rather you are motivated to complete them.
5. Make a list of things you want to achieve and that is the most important to do, until and unless we don’t have anything written in front of us it becomes difficult to comply with it or follow it.
Therefore it is very important to make a list of your resolutions, you can make it by your hand, or if you are not good with your handwriting or you don’t want to do it that way, then you can also type and print them out.
6. Try to keep those goals and resolutions in front of you and majorly in the morning time, attach them to a place you see early morning because that will help you to plan your day accordingly and once when we see the list, it’s more valuable as we don’t forget it. So here were some of the tips one must follow to keep up with the new year resolutions this year 2020.
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A very Happy new year to all.
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