New Year Resolutions Ideas List For 2022

Resolution ideas

The new year calls for resolutions and if you are still confused about what decisions you should take here are some of the new year resolutions ideas which you can take as inspiration and select your own New year promise.

1. If you are someone who loves cooking.

Try out new things in cooking, try out different cuisines, from different states to different countries, take a goal to make at least one new dish every month and try to take it down to one week, share your new dish photos with your family friends.Try to keep a recipe book, make changes to the recipe according to you and note it down, start maintaining a diary or something to keep a record.

Make someone you love their favourite dish and surprise them with it.

2. If you are a school student
Try improving your productivity, start giving time to your hobby or something you have been lacking up-this year if you are someone is last year of school, try to gather information about topics of your interest, so you can reach out for the colleges that fulfil our interest.

Try to read interviews and blogs by people, try to visit people who are working in the profession to get a better insight.

If possible try to attend workshops and other activities related to it, so you can analyse your choices and narrow them down.

3. If you are a college student
Stop being lazy if you are one of the lazy ones, try to make the best out of your college life, take at least one resolution like studying more about your further studies, trying to be more regular to classes, not to pick up any fights, or spend time in an activity you like.Be regular to a club you are interested in or take part in the fest this year for sure.

4. If you are someone who loves reading
Try to read more, maybe one page daily, and make monthly goals, and then increase them by making them weekly and so on, so that you don’t have to give up on reading no matter how busy your schedule gets.
5. If you are someone who works
Try to be more positive, be positive when you go to work, try to be happy, and do work before deadlines, surprise someone from work, try for new opportunities and things that make you happy.

Don’t be stuck to something that you don’t like, there are a lot of opportunities that are available online.

Take the resort to them and make a better schedule of things.

6. If you are trying to get fit
Start with baby steps, don’t go for crash diets rather make habits, take portions of food, that suit you, add a little of physical activity and than increase it slowly according to your capability.

Don’t drain your body in one day, rather take small steps and increase it little by little, do celebrate rest and cheats day too.

7. If you are an aspiring blogger or YouTuber
Try to be more regular, try to converse with more people, and followers.

Try to set your goals in advance, explore and get more ideas, wear your thinking caps, explore and binge more, write down what new ideas you want to focus on.

Don’t procrastinate and let them off for the next time, rather start doing them from today itself.

Start making the list of ideas, and sticking to at least one blog or video weekly and maintain regularity in that sense.

So here are some of the suggestions and of course, you can modify them according to your own preferences and circumstances but do remember to follow your resolution by heart even if you make one.
A very Happy new year to all.I hope you like the list of ideas of new year resolutions.

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I will keep up my work to provide fun, knowledge and motivation to all of you in 2021.

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