Short story on Patience

There is a great thing of time, but it passes.
If bad times are going on then have patience and good times are going on so thank you.

Once upon a time, there was a huge palace of a King Sahib and a huge garden in the palace with that huge palace.

There was a gardener in the garden and the grape had a vine.

Mali, who was disturbed by the fact that every day a bird attacked and attacked the vine of the grapes and invaded like this, that the sweet sweet grapes used to eat them, and they would have fallen on those who were sour grape.

The gardener was very upset thinking that one day this bird will destroy the belo of these grapes.

She thought a lot about how to get rid of that bird but she could not find any solution.

In the last he lost his tired and went to the king and said that Raja Saheb, a bird hurls every day to destroy the grapes in your garden.

I tried a lot to destroy him but I failed.

Now do something for yourself.
King said you do not need to worry about your work.

The next day, the king himself went behind the vine of the grape and went into hiding and waiting for the bird.

And as soon as the bird-eyed king showed him in a hurry, he immediately caught it.
As soon as the king caught the bird, the bird said-Raja, forgive me, do not kill me, I will tell you four things.

The king was very angry to say that the walk is okay to tell the first thing.

The bird said, never let go of the enemy in your hand.
The king said the second thing.

The bird said never believe in impossible things.

Raja said that a lot of drama is now the third thing to tell.

The bird said, do not regret the past.
The King said, now the fourth thing is to finish the game.

The bird said that the way you have caught me, Maharaj, I can not breathe.

If you give me a little relaxation then maybe I can tell you the fourth thing.

The king relaxed a little and the bird flew away, the king said with the fly, “King Sahab has two diamonds in my stomach.”
Hearing this, the king regretted regretting.

And the bird said to the king, “King Sahab, I had told you three things, that if you left your enemy in your hand, you left your enemy, even after coming into my hands.

The second thing was to tell you not to believe the impossible thing, you made sure that there are two diamonds in my small stomach.

The third thing was that do not regret the past, you are sad, sorry, but I do not have diamonds in my stomach.

You are sorry for what is not there.
That bird told us 3 things not to the king.
Conclusion: – We all also do what they have missed, regret it or think about it.

We always live in the past and do not think about the future.

Learn how to live in the present and start planning for the future. Think of completing your dreams.

You had no control over whatever happened in life but you have control over what is going to come.
So, forget the past, live in the present and think about the future.

– Written by Abhi Singh( a guest blog )

He has a website for Perfect Stories.


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