15 Best Protein Vegan Food For Vegetarians

Protein is the essential macro-nutrient needed by our body. It is made up of amino acids. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, it cannot be stored by our body and that is why it is need to be consumed daily in our diet.

Hair, skin, enzymes, muscles all are dependent on protein. We don’t need a huge amount of it but daily intake is necessary.
Also if you have a sufficient amount of protein in your body, this gives a huge boost to your metabolism.
As I am a vegetarian Indian, I want to make sure to introduce you to such foods that are easily available in the Indian market.
So we need to know the vegan foods that are good sources of protein.
1. Pulses
The most common or I can say the staple food of India. We generally eat them with plain rice. It is easy to cook and are available in a huge variety in the market.
2. Brown Rice

White rice is the staple food of India. But you know just by switching to brown one, you are opting for a healthy diet.
3. Oats
In the line of health benefits, another food you can eat regular are oats. You can best have them in breakfast time.
4. Vegetables
Mainly green vegetables are good for diet. You can start with spinach and broccoli, they are very healthy veggies.
5. Quinoa
It is not much common food, but very healthy. It is very nutritious and high in fiber. Very easy to cook.
6. Paneer
Very common eatable in India. You can eat it in raw form with a pinch of salt on it or can even make parathas of it.
7. Nuts
Cashew, almond, walnuts they all are very handy. These dry fruits can easily be taken in the evening or when you feel hungry between the main meals.
8. Green peas

It is very easy to cook and delicious. You can make sabzi/parathas of it.
9. Soy Milk
It is good for fighting arthritis.It is also recommended to pregnant women.
10. Chia seeds
Not only they help in weight loss but also good for heart and bones.
12. Soybeans
It is one of the good replacement of meat. You should eat this at least twice a week.
13. Flax seeds
It reduces cancer risk and improve cholesterol. Good source of protein for vegan people.
14. Sprout grain bread
Breads are very common option for breakfast. Multi-grain and others of this kind can be easily ordered from bigbasket.
14. Pumpkin seeds
Easy to add to your regular diet. It is also good for your bladder.
15. Peanut Butter
You can eat peanuts as it is or can have its butter on your bread. It is also have a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.
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Go vegan Go healthy.
Don’t make excuses to eat meat in name of protein.
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