Must Have Lingerie For Curvy Women

Curvy women lingerie

Lingerie for curvy women is a very crucial thing for our health. Always choose the right ones and if you are curvy than you should take more care of it.

Winter season is all about cosy nights spent with a book and coffee. I am sure you all are taking good care of your skin as it needs some extra attention. But do you know your breasts need too?

You might have clothes from the street market like Sarojini, Colaba Causeway etc. But your basics should be up to the point. First, because they have direct contact with your private parts and second they are delicate. A proper quality bra and underwear is a must-have.

Most of the girls even don’t know their correct size of bra. On top of that plus-size, curvy girls need a lot more attention. As in the long run, your breasts will sag and your body posture might get ruined. Curvy woman with a heavy bust needs to take care of them.

So it is time to get your proper size and a proper bra. Just go to the Lingerie store, ask the staff lady to measure it. Don’t be shy as this is something very important for your health.

Lingerie for curvy women has to be selected with uttermost care.

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All you need is this 3 kind of bras in your wardrobe

1. Minimiser Bras-

They are best for T-shirts. No popping up of any extra breast tissue. This kind of bras distribute the tissues evenly for a reduced bust appearance. It is a saviour for big bust girls.

2. Sag Lift Bras-

These are best for turtleneck tops. Exactly when your boobs want a little lift up, that time you should go for them. Also sagging is a very common problem among the girls.

3. Super Support Bras-

The 4-way support of these bras can make your day stress-free. You can walk, run or play in them. You need not worry about the shape and also they are super comfortable.

Right Panties are as important as bras. Your vaginal health is as important as your breasts. Just like your skin they also get dry. Most of the women don’t take it seriously. I would say more than your FACE your vagina needs care. You need to change your panties regularly. Don’t wait for them to get torn, replace them before it happens. You need to know what kind of underwear is right for you.

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If you go to the gym I would say that you must have anti-microbial panties. As you sweat a lot and you might have skin rashes.

Bonus Tip: Don’t wear a too-tight panty, let your vagina breathe.

They not only save you from infection but also gives you 24 hr freshness. Seamless styles are very much in trend as they are very comfy and don’t have any underwear lines.

All the lingerie mentioned above is easily available on zivame at an affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your size of undergarments from the store and select the best lingerie for curvy women.

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