Sarojini Nagar Shopping Guide | [ Haul + Review]

Sarojini market Delhi is one of the most popular flea markets across the whole of India. Learn more about the Sarojini Nagar shopping guide.

Sarojini Market Delhi as we all know is the biggest flea market in India and we get the cheapest and trendiest clothes here.

Although here I am going to show you a haul of the clothes I bought from there along with the prices, here are few details about Sarojini Nagar that you need to keep in your mind.

Why it is so cheap?

There are basically two reasons behind it :


Sarojini Nagar usually stocks the export materials which get rejected because of slight error in them, because as we all know big brands do not make an error or defect into consideration and are then brought into the market at the cheaper rates, so you can obviously get your hands on H&M, forever 21, Zara and many other products.


Not all products in Sarojini Nagar are new, some of them are second hand too, and that can easily be known by the products, as that is not hard to take a guess, so keep that in mind while you are busy searching for your product.

Quality of products?

Quality of the products largely varies, never buy anything that does not seems that good to you, do not buy it just because it’s cheap to you and you are just going to create a mess in your wardrobe, another thing is no one wants to just have rubbish clothes. Sometimes the material there are amazing, like street style jewellery there is just wow, handkerchiefs and stuff, some of the denim things, and some other stuff also.

3. Bargain and spend a lot of time, bargain a lot, do not buy anything very expensive, quote half of the price that you are told, quote even less if possible.

Do not pay more than 300-400 rs for a product, bargain as much as you can, and if the seller is not ready to go to another shop, you need to search a lot, bargain a lot, and just spend a lot of time to maybe find just few products, so spend a lot of time for it.

What you can get best there?

There is no answer to this question because you can find dungarees thereof very good quality, you can find shirts there which are too soft to wear, you can find kurtas, and as the winter season is approaching you will find plenty of sweaters, woollen shrugs, sweatshirts and many more things. Try to grab the best thing you can and also the best advice form Sarojini Nagar shopping guide.

Best time to visit Sarojini?

When the day starts, that is the best time, because as we know it is the Boni time as it is called in Hindi, and shopkeepers even get to the lowest possible price and give you stuff at the cheapest rates possible. And sometimes at the end of the day, as they are approaching closing shop people gives you the cheapest products at that time.

It is also believed that Sarojini Nagar is cheapest on Monday, but be sure to visit it after 2 pm, because that is when the actual Sarojini Nagar Monday market starts.

Sarojini Market Delhi haul

So here is a haul of some of the products that I bought from Sarojini Nagar-

1. Denim dungarees: 60 INR

Very good quality, and is new, it does not have a tag, but it looks really nice.

2. Hairbands :

Striped Red
Striped black with a bow

30 Rs each can be styled in different ways and are probably the cutest in town, you can get this same stuff from Shein or Romwe for 200 bucks.

3. Sweater: 100

sweater Sarojini Market Delhi haul

This fits great and is so warm yet soft, no threads are coming out of it.

4. Earrings: 20 Rs each

Just various colour variants and other things that you can team up with ethnic as well as western wear.

Different Type Of Earrings

 5. Denim shorts: 50 Rs.

Very good quality, and is new, it does not have a tag, but it looks really nice.

denim shorts Sarojini Market Delhi haul

6. Black and white stripe dress:150rs and it’s perfectly new and it is also double layered so one does not have to care about its transparency.

dress Sarojini Market Delhi haul

7. Lower/Bunny pyjama 120 rsIt’s so pretty and its all brand new only and not at all used or second-hand item. Also, there are a lot of varieties available for it along with a large variety of fuzzy pyjamas for winters are also now available.

pyjama Sarojini Market Delhi haul

So here is my Sarojini Nagar haul and it took me a whole day to find these items, but they are worth it, don’t they give you a nice vibe worth enjoying. If you ever go to Delhi, do visit Sarojini market Delhi.

Sarojini Market Delhi is one of the most anticipated flea markets.

-Written by Kalyani Yadav

All Image Credits (Haul of Kalyani)

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Sarojini Nagar Shopping Guide Q&A

Why are clothes so cheap in Sarojini Nagar?

Sarojini Market
 has affordable clothing because of two reasons: They sell big brand refuses, with a small defect here and there. The shopkeepers buy new clothes based on how much the package weighs.

Can we buy Sarojini Nagar clothes online?

Sarojini Nagar is one of the famous spots in Delhi. It is not available online.

What is Sarojini market famous for?

It has some fantastic great brand showrooms to its ownership, but the quintessential crux of the market is the street shops and stalls jumbled with fabrics, denim, stylist tops etc.

Is Sarojini Nagar market open today?

Sarojini Nagar market closing day happens on Monday of every week. The stores remain closed on Mondays, but the place stays open during the week.


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