8 Effective Ways To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking

Hello readers. I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I am going to discuss about a very crucial topic that is very common among today’s crowd and a problem that needs to be fixed at the earliest hour.

The fear of stage performance or stage freight is very common among students.

But that doesn’t mean the people belonging to other age groups don’t suffer from this.

Since stage performance is a kind of social interaction every individual who has a fear of facing audience can be said to suffer from social phobia.

They try to avoid any kind of social gathering or addressing a crowd and prefer to be silent.

They make negligible attempts to convince people and hence their opinions are always suppressed.

And when the degree of fear, anxiety or stress gets higher they may even black out or start suffering from depression that they cannot overcome the fear and face the world.

Many people try not to share this problem with anyone as they think they won’t be taken seriously but one should realise if you can’t overcome stage fright quickly, it will eventually lower your self-esteem and self-confidence.

So, you need to accept the reality, face your fear and push yourself out of the box.

So, here are some tips that will help you overcome the fear of public speaking and hence will make you more smart and confident.

1. First know yourself properly.

Try to figure out why you are afraid to speak in front of the crowd.

Are you scared of them judging you if your performance is a needlepoint apart from perfect or you don’t consider yourself as a good speaker.

If you are a bit shy or an introvert then opening up and interacting with a crowd might take sometime but if you aren’t then you need to convince yourself that no one is perfect and that you will give your best no matter what.

2. Took a step forward from negativity.

If one of your performances didn’t go well doesn’t mean the rest of your public speeches or any other performances won’t go well either.

Stop setting up a negative situation in your mind and focus on the upcoming stage performances and I am sure you will do well.

Don’t lose all your hope and start judging yourself only on the basis of your one performance and remember one thing we all were beginners at some point of time.

3. Focus on the content.

Instead of focusing on what would happen if your performance didn’t go well or what would happen if the audience doesn’t appreciate your effort or what would happen if you can’t interact properly etc focus on how can you perform better how can you improve the communication skills between you and the audience and hence set a goal for yourself and give your best to achieve it.

4. Practice a lot when you are alone.

If you are a good speaker and your only issue is the audience then at first you should start performing infront of your parents and friends.

You will realise that the fear eventually takes off and it really helps you in gaining a lot of confidence.

You can also practice by standing infront of the mirror as it really helps to overcome the stress you feel while indulging into a serious interactive session and your bad mood.

5. Do not mug up the lines.

Many people have the tendency to overthinking and overanalyzing the situation while they are at the back stage trying hard to remember what they are suppose to say.

Please don’t do this.

If you simply walk down there infront of the audience and try to remember the mugged up lines you actually cannot learn anything and instead of that you will start feeling under confident for not performing well.

Just be confident and treat the audience as your friends. Simply go and try to convince them by establishing your points with proper explanation.

Your job will be done.

6. Relax your body in last moment.

Instead of falling a prey to palpitation at the eleventh hour try calming yourself down by meditating and cooling down your brain.

While everyone is busy rehearsing even at the last minute you just take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualise your ultimate goal.

I am pretty sure you will do better than others if you remain all calm and composed instead of getting yourself panicked.

7. Always learn from your mistakes.

It might happen that your performance wasn’t upto mark but if you accept the situation and prepare yourself mentally to do better next time you are already one step ahead of others.

Because there are so many people out there who can’t get rid off that one situation and start to stress themselves.

You should always remember that mistakes can happen and it’s completely acceptable.

And there’s always a next time.

8. Watch videos of good public speakers.

If you can’t come out of your shell of fear start watching motivational videos and read about success stories of famous people.

You can also read books on how to improve speaking skills and overcome stage fright.

They are very helpful and will boost your confidence to a higher level.

It is a very common situation that a bad stage experience in a childhood cripples you mentally and you don’t even think of another stage performance ever in your life.

But you should understand how long you will hold onto something that happened long time ago, it affects your mental health and given that you are getting opportunities to improve yourself then why not give a shot.

Isn’t it? Think about it.

So, that’s it for today.

Let me know in the comment section below if it was really helpful or not and share your stories too.

Just be confident and face the audience with a cheerful face.

-Written by Annasha (Intern at BoldBlush)

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