Is Street Shopping In Mumbai Really Worthy?

Shopping guide

Mumbai is a city of dreams, not only for actors but also for girls. Why Because it is the best place(after Delhi) for street shopping in Mumbai.

You get so many things on the streets with very pocket-friendly prices.
Now the question comes are they really friendly?
Or just an illusion…
I have visited it 2 times and done a lot of shopping there.
Come, let’s explore with me, I will guide you how and what to shop?
First I want to divide the products into 3 categories-
1. Must Buy
Yellow bag
Yellow bag
I will tell you what you can actually buy and will be profitable.
Bags– They have a huge variety of bags starting from 200 rs only.
They are actually long-lasting, at such a cheap rate.
Women accessories– You can buy earring, bracelet, neckpiece and much more.
Street markets have a huge collection for it, starting from even 10 rs.
2. Moderate Buy
Denim top
Denim top
The products which you can buy only if you really liked it.
Clothes– Yes, they have an awesome print.
But you have to compromise a bit in quality sometimes.
You may get lucky and have an amazing dress just for 300 rs.
Footwear– Lovely designs but again not very good quality.
3. Don’t Buy
The products which I will recommend you to not buy at all.
Electronic gadgets- Anything like charger, earphones or even-tempered glass.
All are of cheap standards.
Your money will literally gonna waste if you will buy them.
Not just that you might have to face losses like me.
My story of tempered glass-
Tempered glass
Tempered glass
I bought it for 150 rs.
The seller convinced me because it was a bit different than the usual ones.
But it was not even a glass, just a couple layers of plastic bound together.
When my phone falls, the plastic(tempered glass) just fell off away before my phone hits the floor.
My whole screen got damaged and I have to spend 3500rs on another screen.
Not only this the adapter of charger got damaged in 2 days.
So just this quick guide for all of you.

Also, I have visited three markets which are famous as well as you can get all kind of things there.

1. Linking road

2. Fashion Street

3. Colaba Causeway(You can get a cab from CST metro station to reach there)

Bonus Tip

Rather than investing your money in all these cheap things(mentioned above).
Invest it in like books/novels.
You can get all kind you want at cheaper rates.
Also, if you are an art lover, do visit the Jehangir Art Gallery and there are lots of street artist there.
From where you can make your own sketch and framed it on your wall.
I hope you liked it and will do all your shopping smartly if going first time in street shopping in Mumbai.
Have a lovely visit.

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