10 Kind of Books To Read While Travelling

If you are bored when you have to take a plane, train or bus, this article will help you out. These are best books to read while travelling.

Exploring new places is fun , but while we are going on looking for our wanderlust trip, we often get engaged in long-duration traveling to reach the destination of our dreams and we often feel confused as to what we should do or engage into, to make it even more enjoyable, so here are some book recommendations you can try while you are traveling.

1. Places you are traveling to:

If you think this is a title of the book you are wrong, it is not what I am suggesting you, this is to actually tell you to read a book that is based on your destination.

This not only helps you to get an engaging read but also helps you to get an insight into the place you are traveling to. One of the best books to read while travelling.

You might get to learn about its history or you might discover some places that are not mentioned on google or GPS, not everything is there on the net, or you might get to know about some amazing eateries or places to visit of that place.

And who knows you might create your own pleasure story there at that new place.

A book based on your destination will only make that place even more enjoyable.

2. A Durjoy Dutta book :

the perfect us

If you are traveling as a couple or you are someone who loves mushy romance, this is a book to go for, we often underestimate the power of Indian author while we are running after foreign ones, Durjoy’s writing style when it comes to romance is like everyday life.

You don’t need to be extra for it, it is just better, makes you feel good.

And makes you want to love more.

What is even better is it makes you feel good about the relationship and makes everything relatable because of it less of fantasies and things that are not possible, rather of things that are possible and present there.

3. A Ronde Bryan book:

the magic
The Magic

If you are looking for a book that can teach you the way to live life and to have everything more practical in life, if it encourages you to make everything happening and to have all that practicality in life.

To encourage one to have discipline, or if you are just looking for a magic to have everything in your life.

His books are one to look forward to, they are amazing in their text they have been discussed very beautifully, they express everything in a very good way and also they encourage one to have conversations that no one else can forget.

They make you inculcate the habits that are good for you, the habits that make you a better person and also encourages a better living for you, they are a believer of better living and gratitude and that is what they encourage everyone to have.

4. Next, go for John Grisham books :

the associate

For everyone who is a sucker for crime and law based novels, John Grisham’s book is a go-to , it unfolds things you did not know existed ,it makes it all sound like engaging and you would not want to leave the book at any cost rather you will be too busy to look forward to completing it .

It is a kind of book that keeps you engrossed and happy.

5. Traveling books:

Books based on travel, books that tell about traveling adventures of other people and ones that talks about traveling hacks, is a good book to grab, it may sometimes do not prove to be helpful for that particular trip in which you are giving it a read , but it can prove to be a better one later when you start planning your other trip.

6. Award-winning books :

Award-winning books are of completely different genre they make you think about it a lot, they make you ponder over various things and they make your thought process open doors for something entirely different, pick up a random award-winning book and read it while you explore new places.

7. Heritage or classic edition books :

They are two advantages of reading a classic edition book , first you get to read a beautiful book with a beautiful audience , and secondly you can gather some magical pictures with beautiful backdrops of new locations , an old classic and a new edition always makes a great pair for a beautiful picture which is both Pinterest and Instagram worthy and no one would miss that photograph .

8. Autobiographies :

So there are two kinds of autobiographies one can look forward, one can be of any person you want to know about, it can be of a person you completely adore or a person you do not like , when you read a book about a person , you get to know about the reason behind that person’s action and therefore choosing a book to make your opinion rather than trusting on something else is a much better way.

Secondly one can choose an autobiography of a person who resided on visited or who spent some part of his life in a place you are visiting , its good to know about places from different point of views, not only does it open door for new exploration opportunities but also discloses some hidden gems that can help you make a good memory.

This is my favourite category in best books to read while travelling.

9. Political books :

bose or gandhi

Political books are nowadays in trend and because everything we are doing is based on some of the other political things and a lot of people do not like to follow daily newspapers , one can read political books and can get insight on what is the present situation and can also dig into pasts political books to know about why the situation at present is the way they are .

10. Comedies, Satires :

If you are someone who likes to read something light and not pay too much attention for the same, comedies and satire books are an amazing light read, and foreign and Indian authors have a bunch of books in the same.

One can always choose these without getting too deep into it and have there little light-hearted laugh while relaxing.

Books provide one with knowledge that cannot be otherwise compared , it provides one with various things that makes its day and therefore it is important to have books that keep on happy and encourage positivity, that pushes you to do what you love and picking up positive books in your travel , makes your travel even much more better.

So what are you waiting for?

Just grab any kind of book I mentioned above which are best books to read while travelling for your next trip.

Or you can even start reading today if your trip is in next week..

Thanks for reading the blog post, it is written by Kalyani Yadav (bookworm)

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