Why Taking Care Of Mental Health Is Important In The Digital Era?

Mental Health Awareness

Isn’t dieting and taking care of health is the so-called trend nowadays, but in following this trend, mental health is been ignored.

Especially in a country like India, if we see some of the popular Netflix shows based outside, we can see that majorly people take help of physiatrist or when they feel like a lot of things have been building up inside them , they take there help when they want a stranger as well as a person who will not judge them in any situation , but same is not at all followed in India because going to physiatrist is like a taboo in our society.

And what makes it even worse is our ignorance towards this situation and how it is getting even worse, because with a lot of exposure to technology and reduction of bigger groups into smaller ones, with work from home jobs, almost not meet and greet culture, at last, large and joint families being reduced to nuclear families.

The problem is rising even more because today many people want to stay alone.

And rudeness is in trend these days.

No one cares even if the person sitting beside them is crying or dying.

Ignorance is the key everyone is founding these days.

And all this complies up and Detroit one mental health and a lot of diseases come up in question.

We often have a misconception that people who are happy, successful, having an amazing partner, or good work, or everything good in life cannot fall into depression or have an anxiety attack.

But this is not true, sometimes a single void in one thing, or overthinking upon another can lead to lots of losses.

But this should be taken care of because you can not be happy if your mental health is not good.

We need to be awesome both from our inner as well as outside body to enjoy what life offers to us.

And also to cherish the moments we spend with our loved ones.

And to focus on the work we have to do.

We need to a learn a lot of things , tackle a lot of pain , and inculcate the habit of communication to make world a better place to live, we can either be an introvert or extreme extrovert, we need to step back from the world of show off, and try to live in a life that we actually live.


It’s important to meditate, and by meditation, it doesn’t mean that one has to sit crossing legs and do “ucharran “of Om, but by meditation here I mean is do one thing that you absolutely love.

Something that makes you happy.

That you enjoy doing.

Makes you lost in some another world.

Gets the most out of you.

Make every part of your body functions towards it and one that helps you to unite within yourself.

Such is important to bring calmness to any kind of worries.


Communication is key to everything.

Talk whenever you can, talk as much as you can, make things around you better.

If you find someone worried try to talk to them.

Don’t barge in their private space, just let them know that they have a friend they can trust, a shoulder they can cry upon and a person they can rely upon.

Never say someone to not cry.

If they are crying let them get things out of there chest, let them cry.

Expert Advice

There is no harm in taking expert advice, and there are sometimes things we cannot tell to a person who is close to us, but we can tell it to a mature stranger, who we know won’t talk about it to anyone.

It is also to have advice from a person who knows.

How psychology works and most importantly they help us to make our mind strong enough to make its own decisions.

Our mental health is important for the existence and does make us do good work and make a better future among everything.

Therefore it is important to take care of ourselves and our mental being.

-Written by Kalyani Yadav(Intern at BoldBlush)

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