All You Need To Know About Metoo Movement In India


Nowadays when I scroll through any of the social media platforms, I often see every third post is about the metoo movement in India, the most hyped movement at present because of the names of the powerful people in the industry have been taken.

There have been various types of notions running around regarding that also like, who is responsible for what and is it true that they are responsible or are people doing it for a publicity stunt.

I have seen various people even putting up proofs from both the sides of the story, but what has this movement done to people like us, people who don’t belong to any big names are some normal college students, or school students or just people who are working?

I think this movement has brought out a change in us too, I have been asked my various male friends of mine, on various occasions if I need any help, or if I am okay, or if I have something built upon my chest. I have seen them apologising or their so-called male community because they know how it is there.

I am not saying that it does solves the problems, but its surely telling me who people close to me are.

I have seen a large number of people posting their stories, and getting thins out of there mind, because the more you hold on to your past, things in your heart, the more they hold onto you and do not let you move.

As a female, I understand its difficult to share things with someone, especially the ones which we are afraid to tell, which we have been made to feel guilty about and made to feel like it was all our fault.

It’s difficult to come out and talk because sometimes it is against the people we have been closest too, or someone we know is closest too.

I have read stories of a girl being molested by her sister’s husband, and stories of a girl being molested by her best friends father, I have heard them from people I know, people I know won’t tell the name of that friend, because they do not want to destroy her happiness.

But at least they got it out of there system, and now they can breathe, they can know it’s not them alone, but there are a lot of people who are going to fight battles with them, which we should not have to battle in the first place.

Everything though comes with its own pros and cons, this movement might have it own too , I won’t say that every individual that came out in this me too-movement is telling the truth , but who are we too judge , sometimes it happens , that the person we trust the most does something that we never thought they would do, so we can have a trust break from people that are close to us, then why can’t we have an image break from celebrities we have worshipped over the past.

Also a lot of people have come forward for helplines, where we can talk about it anonymously, and a lot of mental health care doctors are also available through various helplines and we can also talk to them if we are feeling depressed or we are not able to take certain decisions, or maybe if we just want to talk to a stranger who knows nothing about our present life.

We can surely look forward to such bits of help. This metoo movement in India shook me up but I think it’s important to know some BTS

-Written by Kalyani Yadav(Intern at BoldBlush)

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