Updates on my office life and website

Hello everyone..

I hope you all are doing good and if not than go and read some of my articles :p

No but seriously, it’s ok to share..

If you have any confusions or anything else..

Comment below… I am no one but a person with a lot of experiences…

I will try to figure it out 🙂

So yes my office life is not going well.

As I don’t have that much software knowledge.

I am trying hard to fit in that IT corporate world.

Let’s see how far I’ll go.

Also wants to tell you that I have upgraded my website to BUSINESS plan.

Isn’t that amazing?

Thats why you can see so many new features now.

You can comment from any one of the social media accounts.

Also the appearance and everything has been changed.

I can monetize now.

No no I am still not earning but I just hope I’ll do one day.

I can also see all the analytics of my website.

I am trying to make it some meaningful thing.

I add posts that is relatable and help you.

Also I have other people too working with me.

Lately, I am more into handling online marketing and creating thumbnails for articles rather than writing.

I miss my writing.

But believe me it is really hard(that’s an excuse)

You can definitely take out some time to write.

Okay, no offense.

I lied, I am being lazy actually.

I will try to write one post per week from now.

Let’s hope till the end of year I have some good results.

Also, I went to this The Munching Route Book cafe in Baner , this weekend.

And it was amazing.

*Ambience is awesome.

*Food is tasty.


*Lots of books to read.

I love it and recommend to all who are in pune or come to pune.

So that’s it for today.

Next time I hope when I’ll write , I will not be unhappy with my job.

Adieu…(Good Bye)

Happy Diwali in advance…

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