15 Yum Indian Snacks You Should Definitely Try


Hey guys!!

Hope you are spending your Navratri and durga puja well.

Meeting school friends, hanging out with them, family reunion and a lot of fun are the best things that happen to us in a festive season.

Irrespective of how our lives our going and how busy we are, some or the other way we find our way back to home with the people we love the most.

That is the true essence and beauty of any festival which brings us all together.

We start planning like a month before about where to go, what to wear and most importantly what to eat.

Well no matter what we cannot afford to miss out good food right?

For me that’s like the best part of an outing.

So, today I am going to mention fifteen amazing, mouth watering and fulfilling starters you must try this festive season.

After standing in the crowd for long hours and visiting the pandals I think everyone of you will be dying to have some good food, isn’t it?

So, no matter what time of day it is just have them, click pictures and put it up on your instagram stories….

1. Spring rolls

This is one of the most popular Indo Chinese recipes you will find almost everywhere.

They are very delicious, crispy and can be easily made at home.

Since the stuffing contains a lot of vegetables, this starter is healthy as well.

2. Momos

I bet there’s possibly no one in this world who haven’t heard of momos.

Though it’s a Tibetian dish but it is also one of the most popular street foods in India.

The varieties that are- veg, chicken, mushrooms and even the tandoori versions makes it even more interesting.

3. Veg Manchurian

This is again an Indo Chinese starter.

You can always have the dry version of it as a starter and the gravy version with pulao or fried rice.

This dish is a combination of tangy, spicy and sweet flavour on a single plate.

4. Falafel

This is a very popular middle eastern street food.

They can be made by different processes like baking or frying.

For starters they are usually deep fried and served with various kinds of dips.

5. Bread roll

This is a very common and simple appetizer to go with a cup of tea or coffee.

The stuffing is mainly made of potatoes and peas with some spice added to it.

A simple yet tasty dish to try after having rich and spicy food consecutively.

6. Pani Puri

Now who doesn’t want to have pani puri during the festive season right?

This is the most popular Indian street food which is liked by everyone.

It is very spicy, tasty and definitely not so healthy.

But once in a while it doesn’t matter since along with filling your stomach it also adds to a lot of memories.

Pani puri

7. Veg Manchow soup

Looks like the Indo Chinese cuisine is owning the market.

Another yummy delicious starter that is best to have in these pre winter and winter days.

The soup is topped with fried noodles thus making it more attractive and tasty.

8. Corn chat

It is a yummy and healthy snack which can be made very easily even at home.

Since it is both spicy and healthy it’s one of the best way to satisfy the hunger of a kid.

The different elements add different texture to it thus increasing the cravings even more.

Corn chat

9. Sweet potato tikki

This is a special navratri recipe which is perfect for those who are fasting.

It has a lot of nutritional value and can be prepared very easily.

So, try this at home and enjoy a new dish this navratri.

10. Khandvi

It is a famous gujrati dish also known as Patuli.

This is one of the traditional snack that is prepared mainly from gram flour and yoghurt.

This is absolutely delicious and a must treat from your gujrati friend.

11. Rava Dhokla

This is a soft and spongy snack which can be prepared instantly with sooji and semolina.

It’s served with a tangy chutney to add more flavours to the dish.

12. Kebab

A recipe from Middle eastern cuisine that is very famous in our country.

It’s like the upper limit on your scale to rate a starter.

They taste wonderful irrespective of the variants that are available.

So given that you are going out every other day don’t forget to try wonderful starter.

13. Chicken Satay

This is a thai appetizer and definitely won’t fail to please your cravings.

This dish consists of skewered and grilled meat served with yummy peanut sauce.

14. Honey Garlic chicken wings

It’s a mouth watering homemade recipe of chicken wings that are baked.

You don’t need to run KFC all the time you wish to have chicken wings.

A little cooking skill and you can make this amazing starter in your home especially when your friends come over.

Chicken wings

15. Mirchi bajji

It’s a street food mainly from Andhra pradesh and Karnataka.

A very spicy snack that is served with tomato, mint or tamarind chutney.

Mirchi bhaji

So, try each one of these and tell which one you liked the best or the one which wasn’t that interesting in the comment section below.

Snacks You must try to feel like Local

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– Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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