Develop Reading Habit To Make Your Life Better


We all know that having a reading habit is good in the long run. Reading makes you a better person in life.

One doesn’t need to be a nerd or a bibliophile to read one page or two.

Reading is something we always imagine as having a fat book in our hand and just going through a boring book or those people with thick spectacles lost in the books, but reading is more than that and here we are to tell you some of the advantages that reading just one page daily can do to you.

Ever heard of mediation and its benefits?

Surely they calm you and give you inner peace of mind, reading does the same.

It makes you come in front of a beautiful ideology, that can be a story or someone’s own life story, life skills or anything and everything that one can think about.

Reading a page from whatever interests you and then a book related to it will not only make it increase your knowledge, but will also make you patient with words, will calm down your mind, and will be good for health for soothing away any kind of anxiety or fear.

A way in which you can inculcate this habit is by reading and going through a page while you are drinking your morning tea or coffee, or while you are travelling to work, college or school.

In this life where we are always on toes and always gathered ourself in the bubble of social media, there should be a little time that we need to give to something that we actually love and that is away from all the positives and negatives of the world.

I read it somewhere ( Again highlighting that I got knowledge about something because I was reading ) that we can never be alone if we are with a book because they are our true companions, they let us enter into their world and also make us feel good about everything around it.

They are the best teachers, best of the friends and greatest guides one can ever have, they can make one smile and cry at the same time and can also solve some of the greatest problems maybe this is how it should always be done.

It should not be particularly a book that has lots of paragraphs and story, if you love cooking you can read some cookbooks and new recipes or you can read about how chefs to the plating, and other techniques or little tips and tricks.

If you love cars, you can read books about them, their mechanism and much more, if you are still finding your interest you can read a different genre of stories, every story has people with different occupations and one can always find their interests by looking into those stories and talking about them further.

That’s why I would say that everyone should inculcate a habit of reading and especially kids because it is going to help them in looking to a world they haven’t yet seen and into looking into things they want to see, every page we read and every sentence that we go through teaches us some of the other things, makes us happy or make us sad, makes us ponder and also makes us imagine, and once we start imagining it the way, everything will start working properly, because it will activate the most creative area of our brains for development and we will surely be able to achieve anything.

So, when are you going to start reading, if you cannot invest in anything, why not start with a newspaper, it has every kind of story and what’s better is everything is from the real world, making it less stressful to imagine.

– Written by Kalyani Yadav(Intern at BoldBlush)

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