3 Healthy Rice Recipes Which Are Also Yummy

Rice recipes

Rice is gaining popularity around the world , but here just wanted to give you some new ideas about how to change the taste of it , because we get bored of eating the same old dishes , don’t we ?

So here are three rice recipes that are quick and will make you happy to eat .

1. Beetroot rice :
Beetroot has a lots of health benefits , but most of us don’t like eating it , like I myself is one of them , so why don’t we mix it up with something we love that is rice .

Recipe :

Half bowl of rice
1 Beetroot
2 green chilli
1 tomato
3 spring onion
1 capsicum

Steps :

Take a tea spoon of oil in a pan , add cumin seeds to eat , and after it add vegetables and saute it for 2 minutes , after that add washed rice in it and add water , let it cook on medium flame for 15 minutes , and the beetroot rice is ready , top it with some coriander leaves.

2. Curd rice

Curd rice is something that tastes even more delicious when it is made out of old rice, that is leftover rice.

Its really easy to make , also it is good for stomach .


Take a tea spoon of oil in a pan , add some mustard seeds to it, curry leaves , add urad dal and arhar dal , add a dry red chilli , let them crackle .

On other hand take left over cooked rice and mix curd in it .

Garnish it with the cooked dal and chilli toppings.

Mix it well.

Curd rice is ready to eat .

3. Brown Stir fried Rice

Brown rice is one of the healthy components , that are substituting the other form of rice so here is a twist and mixture of two healthy things that is Asia stir fried vegetables and brown rice .

Steps :

Take a tea spoon of oil , add cumin seeds to eat , add some chopped ginger and garlic and green-chilli , sauté them .Add chopped , sweet corn , baby corn , capsicum , mushroom , onion and cherry tomatoes , sauté for two minutes .

Add washed brown rice , and water , cover it and let it cook for 15 minutes on a medium flame .

Top it up with some basil leaves or some coriander leaves and our super healthy easy to make dish is ready to serve .

So which of the recipes are you going to try , do let us know what all other quick recipes you would like to have , because its always good to share things we know.

Also it has been tried to make these dishes a little more dorm friendly or we can say bachelor friendly or home alone friendly , because when we are alone , we don’t like to cook , and often end up eating some junk from outside daily or sleeping on empty stomach remembering the taste of mother’s food , but we don’t have to do it to our health , it is not good and won’t even let us concentrate on our health , therefore it is important that we indulge our self in some cooking habits , so that we know how to cook food for our survival.

In ancient times it is found that everyone knew the basic skills that are now only taught in army , but as the concept of modernization took place we forgot all about our roots and ancient belief’s and ended up distributing everything according to the gender roles , so the cooking went to the female department , but it is not the same case anymore , we all share of work , we all have to live alone , so we all need to learn how to cook some simple dishes.

-Written by Kalyani Yadav(Intern at BoldBlush)

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