Successful People Habits And How They Stay Organized

Successful habits

We all want to be successful in life so we should definitely know the cheat sheet, which are the successful people habits of organised people.

Is your schedule uptight and you don’t have time to waste at all, Is it normal that you keep losing unpaid bills and waste multiple hours in finding important documents.

The truth is being disorganized is costly, in terms of both money and time.

We often confuse being productive with working as fast as we can, every second of the day.

We fear that slowing down to get organized will kill our productivity.


Here are a few signs that you are a total mess in the name of productivity, there are old receipts littered at the bottom of your handbag.

Unmatched socks piling up on the top of your dresser, still hopeful of reuniting with their ‘sole mates’.

And look at your closet, a safe haven for a serial killer to hide.

However, there is still a silver lining to your disoriented and unorganized life.

Organized people are not born organized, they have to cultivate healthy successful people habits, which then help them to stay organized as well as productive.

So even if you think you are a much-disorganized person, you can learn to be organized.

One is never old to learn.

From planning things, jotting things down, to ditching the unnecessary and rearranging things that matter, you will become an organized person as long as you’re willing to learn and practice.

Writing things down

This may seem weird but is a very effective habit.

If you can’t write on paper, use your phone.

Phones are not all about social media, they can be used in many useful ways.

We all know someone that remembers every birthday and greets us by messages for every festival.

It’s not magic and they don’t use memorization, they have the habit of writing things.

During the end of the month do you wonder where all your money goes?

Well, writing your daily expenses might help you to save enough for the hard days!

Set goals for every day-

Sometimes giving your best to achieve deadline is not enough.

You don’t need to work hard, you need to work smart to achieve deadlines on time.

Divide your work on a daily basis, set daily goals.

And see the result of your improved performance yourself.

Life is much easier when you prepare for the day and keep everything ready and organized.

Wake up feeling rested

To work effectively all day, a night of good sleep is a must.

There are tons of smartphone app which calculates your sleeping time.

You can download app for android i.e. The Sleep Cycle alarm-clock.

For iOS users, they have a feature in their clock app which calculates there sleeping hours.

sleep cycle

Give everything a home

Put stuff where they are used, not where there is a space available.

Every single thing should have its proper place.

Whether it is your nail cutter or your pen.

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t have a home.

Keeping your life organized means keeping your things in their proper places.

Organized people keep order by storing things properly and maybe by even labelling storage spaces. It is one of the successful people habits.

Daily tasks would be completed so much faster and finding things wouldn’t resemble a treasure hunt.

Junk the junk mails

Emails have become an important way of communication no matter you are an employee of any MNC or a student in college, there are always some important emails.

It might be about fees or examination schedule or some big up raiser coming next month.

These emails might get lost in the tons of unwanted emails you have in your inbox.

Unsubscribe from the newsletters and stuff you are not interested in. Also, do remember to clear your mailbox of unwanted correspondence.

Plan your days the night before- Planning out your next day the night before sounds reasonable enough to most of us whether or not we actually do it.

Organized and productive people go to bed each night, secure in the knowledge of what they’ll accomplish the following day.

Fortunately, there are many digital tools which can help us set the stage to get things done the next day before we even set foot in the office, as long as we use them wisely the night before—or earlier.

De-clutter regularly

Ask yourself why you need to be more organized.

If you give an honest answer to this simple question, you might find the most effective way to get more organized, without going through useless tips that are not specifically tailored to you.

Find some time each weekend to stay organized.

Highly organized people make sure they find time every week or more to organize their things.

Stuff does not stay organized on its own; it needs to be reorganized continuously and consistently.

Go through your office papers and throw out anything that is not absolutely necessary.

And, place the most used items closest to you for easy access.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is often confused with laziness, but they are very different.

Procrastination is an active process – you choose to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing.

The longer you wait to do something, the more difficult it will be to get it done.

If you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding, then organize as soon as you can.

Putting in the effort to get things done as soon as possible will lift the weight off of you from doing it later.

Work Smart

Put in a little effort.

Actually, put in a lot of effort when necessary.

Working smarter, not harder, is an age-old adage.

If you master the concept, your entire working life will be easier.

The key to smart work is to prioritize what’s important and deal with it first.

Measure your results, not your time.

For your own sake stop multitasking.

These habits might be hard to adapt at first but as you change things around, track your efficiency, mood, and stress level throughout the subsequent weeks.

This is a sure way to figure out what works best for you in the long term.

organising quote

Managing to spot the problematic areas in your current life makes it so much easier to work with the problems and keep the rest that might be working great the same.

The good news is that there are some successful people habits and behaviour you can use to stay organized and productive, and so even the most disorganized among us can put a system in place to keep us in check.

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-Written by Abhimanyu(Intern at BoldBlush)

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  1. Very well expressed Krati…Yes it’s never too late to learn..being irganised matters a lot in daily life…saves not only time but mental stress too…
    God bless you..


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