Unique Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Everyone That Will Make Them Awww

Gift ideas

We all get absolutely tempted when it comes down to gifts and surprises.

Do you guys ever remember of an incident when you turned down gifts?

No, right?

Well, you cannot even think of doing it…

It’s one of the best feelings in this world when someone offers you a present and especially a surprise one.

Doesn’t matter how insignificant or small it is, it becomes special to us…

You would rather give a never ending list of stuffs you want instead of turning it down and that is completely obvious.

But we often happen to fall in a dilemma when we need to give gifts to our friends, family or anyone.

There is a lot of questions that comes into our mind.

Like what will be an appropriate gift, will the person appreciate it, will it be budget friendly and many more…

Well, nothing to worry people.

I am going to give you some of the best tips for buying gifts which will turn out to be very great and special for the person receiving it.

When it comes down to giving gifts the first one that pops up into my mind is a best friend.

Irrespective of how much you guys fight, we know that our life literally reaches a dead end without our bestie.

So, you definitely need to plan a very special gift for her depending on the occasion.

If it’s her birthday then throwing a surprise party is mandatory.

Just make sure she has no clue about it or else it would be spoiled in no time…

And apart from it a special gift is all she expects from you…a gift that no one but only a best friend can think of.

Here’s a few tips that will help you…

Secretly check her wishlist and order the dress that she’s been drooling over since the last couple of months, buy her themed stuffs(tees, coffee mugs, bags and many more) if she is in love with Netflix or gift her books of her favourite author.

Hand made gifts are always very special both to the person giving and receiving it.

You can make cards, dream catchers, album with all your pictures in it since the day you met, instant camera with lots of memorable photos in it.
You can also give her presto gifts like cool tees, watches, mugs or anything you want with a photo or a message or even both…

And take treat from her before she starts I-am-broke drama..

Then it comes to our beloved parents.

Given that they will be delighted to receive any gift from us but we will definitely put efforts to make them feel special, isn’t it?

You can give them watch set because it will always be very special for them….

Doesn’t matter if it is anniversary or birthday always wake them up with a very delicious cake and a tight hug to make their day.

Throw a party and invite everyone close to your parents.

Remember it’s their day so do your best to make feel happy and feel proud to have a son or daughter like you.

You can always gift your mom jewelleries because they do have a soft spot in their heart for them.

Items of home décor, fine dinner sets, cushions, floral vase will definitely get you a raise in your pocket money!!!

You can always gift your dad small plants or showpieces to decorate his office.

They look very elegant and expensive.

Moreover, in this era of going cashless you can always gift your friends, family or anyone gift coupons, vouchers, movie tickets and all the other “cool” stuffs you can gift to your friend.

Now let’s have a discussion about what are the perfect gifts for kids.

Well, undoubtedly they are most attracted towards toys but you can also tease their brain with various kinds of puzzles and mind cracking games.

You can gift them video games, cool watches, soft toys, memory games, cartoon themed stuffs, dolls and many more…

Then comes the wedding gifts which are supposed to be very special and expensive.

Bouquets are a must to bring on every wedding along with gifts.

If you are attending a family wedding then you already know that it’s kind of customary to gift gold jewelleries especially for Indians.

Well you can give any kind of kitchen essentials, home decor, electric appliances to a newly wed couple as they are going to start a new family and it’s better to give essentials and then supplementary goods.

You can also surprise them by giving flight tickets to any abroad destination and help them plan their holidays…

Perfumes, gift baskets, wind chains are some kind of gift items preferred in a wedding or family oriented occasions.

Paintings and antiques and absolute pieces of classy gifts especially for those in love with art and literature.

The selection of a perfect gift varies from person to person depending on their likes and dislikes, passion and other such criteria.

The above mentioned gifts are completely neutral and can be gifted to anyone depending on the occasion.

You can always choose to give music CDs to a music lover, books to a book lover, canvas to an artist, inspiration to a writer, lens to a photographer and the never ending list goes on…

Cards can be given to anyone irrespective of event.

As we all know Archies has one of the largest collection of gifts, so you can get best cards from there.

If it’s for your someone special then hand made gifts are the best.

You can also try making gifts, writing poems, hand made photo frames to highlight your every single moment you have spend together.

Potted plants are also a very good gift option as it signifies new life and hence prosperity.

So, next time you buy gift for someone have a look at these tips and then buy a budget friendly gift.

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-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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