9 Amazing Types Of Shrugs You Must Have Now


All these types of shrugs for dresses or jackets one must have in her wardrobe to glam up your style game on bad outfit days of yours.

What can be better than a shrug to make your casual outfit look really fashionable and unique?

We all are crazy about fashion, aren’t we?

And shrugs are one of the most fashionable garments trending these days and compulsory to have it in your wardrobe.

They are versatile, comfortable and elegant.

They have a huge range of varieties that you can select from and pair up with your outfit.

So, today I am going to describe the types of shrugs for dresses you can wear on different seasons and also at both formal and informal places.


This kind of shrugs are really very cool and trendy.

They are simple yet when you pair it up with a crop top and denim shorts they simply look amazing.

The shrugs are both solid and striped so that you can put it on accordingly.

They also look very smart with skinny jeans and a tank top.

Snickers or casual shoes look best with these kind of shrugs.

You can wear these kind of shrugs in summer season because they are very light and protects you from tan at the same time.

So, next time you go shopping grab a drape shrug positively!!


They are very light, handmade, vintage and will give you a very elegant look.

Due to it’s various patterns they can be worn both in summer and winter.

They have very unique texture and pattern and it’s very comfortable to wear.

In summer days, you can wear them with t-shirt dresses, over tank tops and shorts and half jumpsuit especially if you are going to the beach.

In winter days, try wearing woolen knitted shrugs to keep you warm and make you look like a fashion queen.


Cropped shrug is one of the most commonly used shrug among women.

They are mostly paired with camisoles or tank tops.

Pair it up with a jeans and a strapless top to give you a smart look.

They will make you look fashionable effortlessly.

You can also try them with various dresses like pair it with a knee length flared dress or even a sleeveless maxi dress.

Wear them in contrast with your dress to get a more vibrant outlook.

Go and check out the cropped shrugs by Calvin Klein to get a better idea about how these simple piece of cloth is reaching higher notches of fashion with little bit of twist and turn.


Well, denim jackets are on top of the fashion wear. They are not going anywhere any sooner and definitely not going off trend, appreciated and modified by designers all over the world and probably goes with any kind of body type.

It can be sleeveless, half sleeve, full sleeve and available on various colours and patterns.

They are the basic necessity on the winter days.

Pair it up with high rise jeans, boots and a solid top to look like a complete diva.

To get a hipster like look wear it with a pair of ripped denim shorts and ankle length shoes.

And wear black shades and a watch to compliment your look.


They are one of the best-selling styles these days.

You should always look up to buy a robe jacket if you want to try something new and want a versatile shrug all at the same time.

Prefer a solid one(mostly black, maroon or blue) when you are going to attend an office meeting, and try floral printed robe jackets when you are going to a party or simply hanging out with your friends.

The removable tie belt is the best feature of a robe jacket which adds up to its versatility.

You can wear it to your office or even at a night club.

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This season get a boho look and let everyone drool over your attire.

Fringed shrugs are very funky and gives you a fresh look.

You can wear it over t-shirts paired with shorts.

They look very sexy over swimsuits or any kind of beachwear.

So, next time you have a pool party dress up in your favourite swimwear and a colorful fringed shrug to go with it.

You can wear it on any casual outings.

Get the best look with a white tank top, a pair of denim shorts and a multicolour fringed shrug over it.

You can wear it with any kind of shoes and it will surely give a chic boho vibe. This types of shrugs fro dresses are awesome for beaches.


They mostly goes with very royal and elegant dresses.

You can try wearing them with solid knee length dresses or maxi dresses.

They are perfect for weddings, receptions and any kind of family gatherings.

Try wearing neutral colour types of shrugs to get a very subtle outlook.


This are also very versatile and can go in all the seasons.

They are mostly fullsleeve and looks very feminine with solid tees and a belted ankle length trousers.

Wear them in contrast along with a pair of loafers and hair tied into a bun to get a model like look.

They are best for office wear and keeps you warm in the winter days.


They are evergreen and classy in the world of fashion. This looks out of this world when paired with a crop top and a pencil skirt.

Heels are recommended with this kind of outfits.

You can also wear leather jackets with jeans, skirts and pretty much everything.

It has it’s own class and marks the difference with the bold and classy look it gives to a simple outfit.

So, these are pretty much everything you need to know about the major shrugs and how to carry them smoothly with minimum effort and maximum smartness.

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