10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials For 2022 To Rock The Look

Summer clothes

Girls, you have to admit that we remain in a big state of confusion about what to wear on the summer days.

As much as we would love to put on a classy outfit and set the stage on fire but when it comes to the sweaty, hot days comfort comes first.

Doesn’t matter if it is day or night, the weather and climate of our country happens to disappoint us most of the time.

It’s really hard to find something that is comfortable to wear in the summer days to work, school, college or anywhere given that you don’t want to come out of that pair of shorts and a tank top.

It gets even harder when you have to travel on public transport and end up looking like a zombie before your day starts properly.

So, here are a few summer outfits I want to suggest which is both comforting and smart-looking at the same time.

It’s time to break the confusion and relish the summer days.

Checkout summer wardrobe essentials-

1. T-shirt dress

t-shirt dress

Very comfortable during the summer days.

Always prefer light colours like white, peach, baby pink, beige and many more.

To get a complete look make a high bun so that your hair doesn’t become messy and sticky due to the high humidity.

Put on simple flip-flops or even snickers and you are all ready to go.

2. Tank tops

tank tops

They are mandatory to have during the summer season.

You can simply wear it with a belted palazzo to get the office look or even with white cotton shorts to hang out with your friends.

A front open checked shirt over it is also not a bad option.

Wear casual shoes or else high wedges if you are attending an office meeting.

3. Shirts


Be it sleeveless, half-sleeve, full-sleeve or sleeves rolled up a cotton shirt is a blessing in the summer season.

A loose fitted cotton shirt is comfortable and a very versatile outfit.

Pair it up with a pencil skirt for a corporate look, with denim shorts for a casual look or even with cotton trousers.

They look very elegant and fashionable.

Try to avoid rayon or silk shirts on summer days.

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4. Floral dress

floral dress

Wear a cute floral dress during the daytime to match up with the bright sunny day.

It looks very vibrant and colourful.

It is also perfect to wear it at a beach party.

Flats look amazing with floral dresses.

And it’s not only limited to the floral dresses, but you can also try floral tops with trousers or shorts. One of my favourite summer wardrobe essentials.

5. Shorts


You cannot imagine your summer days without shorts.

They have a wide variety from where you can choose and pair it with your favourite top.

There are casual cotton shorts to go with graphic tees.

Try self-tie shorts to give a trouser-like a vibe. Wear them with solid t-shirts.

Going to a party?

Put on a pair of ripped denim shorts with a crop top and ankle length boots to set your look apart.

You can always wear those childish printed shorts when you are chilling at home or having a night stay at your friend’s place.

The checked shirt also looks great with denim shorts or khaki shorts.

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6. Skater dress

skater dress

A cotton skater dress is perfect for summer.

You can freely move and they don’t even stick to your body.

Feels like you are wearing a dancing frock, isn’t it?

You can wear it everywhere from a family reunion to even a date night.

7. Flared skirts

flared skirts

They according to me are the cutest summer wear one can have.

They come in various length and patterns.

You can wear them with half sleeve solid shirts, crop top, t-shirts and many more…

8. Jumpsuit


The half jumpsuit is very comfortable and fun to wear during the summer seasons.

You can always pick a solid jumpsuit for an official purpose( maroon and navy blue are preferred), a floral jumpsuit for hanging out with friends in your favourite ice-cream parlour or relaxing on a beach.

You can also wear them in cocktail parties with high heels and a sexy sling bag.

9. Shrugs


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Fringed shrugs are best for summer wardrobe essentials.

You can wear it over solid tops, tank tops that are paired with shorts or jeans.

Shrugs also look great with knee-length dresses.

Long sleeve shrugs look elegant with a half jumpsuit or even a pair of trousers and monochrome top.

10. Kurtis


Cotton Kurtis are very comfortable during the summer season.

We all know that we have a great range of Kurtis available both in our local and online stores.

Pair it with leggings or palazzos. Ethnic wear is great to wear sometimes.

Always prefer light colours in the summer days.

They absorb minimum heat and thus are much better than dark coloured outfits.

You can wear Kurtis in almost every occasion and parties.

There are both traditional and Indo-western Kurtis available easily and at an affordable price.

And here’s an advice irrespective of your outfit:

Always wear sunglasses on the hot sunny days and put on sunscreen before you set off to work.

Try to apply very light makeup and always carry wet tissues with yourself.

Keep an eye on the online stores to grab the best of the summer collection at the best rate.

Full sleeve shirts are preferred over half sleeves to avoid the tan.

Always try to tie your hair to a bun or even a ponytail to avoid the sweaty and messy feeling which on the other hand will keep you distracted.

Here is everything you need to know about the summer days.

Keep an eye on the upcoming 2019 summer collection from various designers across the world and update your wardrobe accordingly.

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-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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