18 Most Popular Street Food Around The World

Street food

Food is something which we all love and enjoy. Here is the list of some street food around the world which you should know.

Well, although we all enjoy the fine refined cuisine in a fancy restaurant, nothing can match up with the authenticity of the street food.

They describe about the people, history, weather and culture of a particular region and represents the ancient flavors they have discovered.

Travelers and foodies strongly intersect at this point of relishing the best street foods which comes with a lot of fantastic flavors and emotions.

Street food is not only about getting food at cheaper rates than any restaurant(though it is also considered important) but also we get to have the actual taste of the real flavours that reminds one of his or her culinary homes.

We make a lot of memories, wonderful moments when we interact both with the local people and food that feeds both our stomach and soul.

So, here’s a brief of major street food around the world and how compulsory it is to try them when you make a trip to all those places…


The best place to get this amazing food in Rome.

This mainly contains fried rice balls and the fine mozzarella inside it will make your heart skip a bit.

Earlier it was only sold by the street vendors but these days with the innovative and wide range of this food, they are available at every pizza spot of the country.


Tacos al pastor

Try this in Mexico city.

This food was invented basically by two cultures(Lebanese and Mexican).

Here, the tender meat(mostly pork) is served on small tortillas with pineapples, onions, cilantro and a good spicy salsa of your choice.



Though you will get it across India, Mumbai serves it the best way.

Combination of various textures and sweet and spicy flavours brings a robust taste to this street food.

It looks very colourful and appetizing which is mainly made of puffed rice, vermicelli like noodles(sevai), chutneys, fried spices and vegetables.

bhel puri

Popular Indian Snacks

Egg Waffle

A must try in Hong Kong.

It is a very popular snack and has a different way of making it.

The egg batter(it comes in many flavours) is cooked between two metal plates of semi-spherical shells over an open flame.

It is served hot and often comes with chocolate or fruits on top.

egg waffle


Best place to get this is Rio de Janeiro.

You will find small charcoal grills preparing this across every street of Rio.

It is mainly prepared to spice beef or chicken, but this can be literally made out of anything that can be stuck on a skewer(shrimp, fish etc).

Served with spicy hot sauce Farinha(crunchy flour).


Chimney cake

Give yourself a sweet treat walking down the streets of the Czech Republic.

These are spiral-shaped doughnuts made by applying the batter on a large spit. It is then grilled, rolled in sugar and served with Nutella.

Have it with a cup of coffee in the morning to brighten your day.

chimney cake

Masala Dosa

It is famous mainly across the southern states of India.

It is mainly made from rice, lentils, potatoes and curry leaves and served with sambar and varieties of chutneys.

It can be taken at breakfast, lunch and even supper.

A very versatile food which is rich in carbohydrate and easily viable.

masala dosa


Berlin and Hamburg are the ideal places to have it.

It is a dish mainly made of pork sausage which is steamed and then fried.

Served with ketchup and curry powder.

It is served in both ways, that is, whole or pre-sliced.

One of the best street foods to end your hunger in a minute.


Jerk Chicken

Have it in Jamaica.

Jerk is a native style of cooking in Jamaica where the meat is jerked or poked to get the best flavours out of it.

This is a smoky dish which is traditionally served with fiery rice and peas.

The meat is marinated with a hot spice mixture and is cooked over the pimento wood.

jerk chicken

Halo Halo

The Philippines serves it the best way. In English it means mix-mix.

Well, this is a wonderful dessert which consists of crushed ice, colourful fresh and sliced fruits, ice cream, evaporated milk and other various ingredients to make it look more attractive.

Basically, it is a rainbow in your bowl.



Best place to get it in Canada.

This street food is made of cheese curd, french fries and gravy.

It is said to be “the perfect thing after a night of drinking”.

The entire presentation of this food is a little messy but the taste dominates over everything.


Chilli crab

It is a Singaporean seafood dish.

The dish was created by Cher Yam Tian.

The crabs are stir-fried in a semi-thick sweet and sour tomato chilli sauce.

Often garnished with coriander in top of the dish is not a very spicy one.

chilli crab


A must when you visit Colombia.

They are either made up of ground maize dough or cooked flour and are usually much thicker than tortillas.

They are grilled or baked and then heavily stuffed(fulfilling food) and topped with cheese.



Very famous in Spain and Portugal.

They are fried dough pastry and are one of the best street food for the travellers.

It is like a mini energy pack and can be taken at all the three meals.

The main ingredients are sugar, salt and flour.

Often served with coffee and with melted chocolate or chocolate sauce drizzled on top.



Japanese in origin.

Little dumplings served on skewers and cooked over an open fire.

They are made up of rice flour and are often topped with sesame seeds.

They make different varieties of dango that are served on different seasons according to their tradition.


Bunny chow

South African fast food.

The dish mainly consists of a loaf of bread(hollowed out) and stuffed with curry.

Well, you might think it is from India, actually, this street food was originated in Durban’s Indian South African community.

The filling has a wide variety from chicken to mutton.

bunny chow


Often said the origin of this street food is the Middle East, the best is in Israel.

They are deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas or fava beans.

The spices used are cumin, coriander, paprika, raw garlic, onion and parsley. One of the most famous street food in the world that is equally tasty and healthy.


Hokkien mee

One of the best street food in Singapore.

Invented by the Chinese sailors from Fujian Province, it is a delicious noodle dish.

Along with stir-fried noodles(egg and rice), it also contains pork, egg, shrimp, squid, garlic, bean sprouts and soy sauce.

It is also garnished with lime and chilli sauce.

hokkien mee

Apart from these I specifically want to mention some of the best street foods in India which includes-

Aloo Tikki, Vada Pav(Indian Burger), Dahi Puri, Pav Bhaji, Akki Roti(Karnatak cuisine), Paddu(South Indian cuisine), Litti Chokha(Patna), Tunday Kebabi(Lucknow), Galouti Kebabs, Moong Dal Bhaji(Gujrati dish), Kachori, Egg Rolls, Ghunghi Chat(Bengali street food), Chhole Bhature(Punjabi cuisine), Momos(native to Tibet and Nepal), Bombil Fry(Mumbai) and many more…

So, to all the people who haven’t tried these finger-licking delicious street food around the world, be quick and grab a bite.

Go to the nearest street food shop with your friends and special ones, enjoy the tasty treats that are dotted with friendship and brimming with romance…

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-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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