20 Surefire Ways To Prank With Friends For Fun

Irritate bestie

We all love to prank with friends because we love them but sametime want have soemthing fun. So read some awesome ways to do that.

There is nothing more amazing than finding someone who matches upto your level of craziness, isn’t it?

Yeah, you are right.

I am talking about your girl bestie with whom you can spend the entire day without keeping the track of time.

From sharing every secret to work as a guide in your life, she owns a very precious place in your heart.

After a very tiring day at work or attending boring classes, one phone call from her and your mood is up again.

Isn’t it, guys???

We cannot go a single day without our girl bestie.

At times she can irritate the hell out of you and never misses a chance to embarrass you…but at the end of the day you know she is your MONICA and a constant in your life with no replacement.

Well, we had given enough compliments to our girl besties, but we should admit that there is a different satisfaction when you prank with friends and fight with her.

So, here is twenty different ways to prank with friends and take the fun to a new level of craziness.

1. Bunk the classes without informing her

Trust me this is one of the saddest things that happens to you in high school.

A day without your bestie hurts more than getting low marks in the class test.

Let her spent the entire day at school alone and she will come complaining about it to you.

Entire long day without having a chat with her is pretty tough to spent.

2. Take her embarrassing pictures

Whenever she is on her own world of craziness dancing and singing like a mad person, take her pictures and save it.

So that next time she ignores you, put it on your instagram story and tag her. Best way to prank with friends.

Well, this really works out..Believe me.

3. Prank calls

Is she partying too much?

Scare her easily when she is clubbing on a Saturday night.

Call her to say that her parents will be coming to visit her the very next day.

She will completely go out of her mind.

But once she figures it out…you are a dead meat to her.

4. Grab the last slice of pizza

Fighting for good food is acceptable, isn’t it?

Snatch the last slice of pizza while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and let her make the cute puppy face which is absolutely adorable.

5. Draw on her face

Whenever she is sleeping draw on her face with a marker and take snaps of it.

Let her wake up in the morning and realise how much annoying her bestie is…

6. Take screenshots of her chat

This is one of the best way to prank with friends.

Take screenchots of her chat whenever she is talking about her crush and put in on your status.

You can also use it for blackmailing her whenever you need a movie or a pizza treat.

7. Go shopping without her

Secretly go to her favourite shopping place and take pictures for making her feel jealous.

Well, the situation gets worst when there is a end of season sale and she gets to know all about it later.

8. Cancel clubbing at the eleventh hour

Well let her be excited for clubbing after a long tiring week and then call her up and cancel the plan at last moment.

She will be angry, irritated and stop talking to you.

But probably will end up eating chinese and watching movie.

Even that sounds like a perfect weekend, isn’t it?

9. Hang out with your other “girlfriends”

One of the best ways to make her feel jealous.

Whenever she is avoiding you and spending time with her special someone, start hanging out with your other friends and let her get infuriated.

10. Hide her phone

Whenever she has a busy schedule or a date night while on the other hand you have to spend the night all by yourself getting bored, hide her phone and let her be late.

After all bestie should be getting more priority than her date.

11. Take her crush’s pictures while he is busy talking to other girls

Send it to her and trust me the expression on her face is going to be so raging and funny at the same time.

12. Emotional blackmail

Whenever you need extra attention from your bestie this trick works wonder.

Torture her emotionally telling her how much she is important to you and she on the other hand is not giving you enough time.

She will try her best to convince you given that she already knows you are a perfect drama queen. One of the awesome ways to prank with friends.

13. Steal or hide her favourite dress

We all know how much we love shopping and when it comes to our favourite dress we are not going to give it up for the world.

So, hide her favourite dress and just watch how much she can panic and starts crying over it.

14. Tell that you need to give her some spicy new gossip and then go offline

She will get all desperate to know about it and start texting you.

Avoid her calls and have fun watching her get excited over nothing.

15. This is specifically if your bestie avoids watching horror film

Take her forcefully to a movie and wait for the moment when she realises it’s a horror one.

She will literally start screaming in the hall and both of you will be kicked out!

16. Change you phone password and when she asks for it don’t tell her

She will literally start thinking that your priorities have changed and that you have made someone else you bff.

17. Give her spoiler

Whenever there is a new series she is excited about, watch it before her and give her spoilers.

Trust me if you are solely into watching series this hurts real bad!

18. Tell her she is really bad at cracking jokes whenever she is trying to be funny.

19. Start distracting her when she has to submit an assigment the very next day and it is already past midnight.

20. Stop pampering her after she has a fight with her boyfriend

She will expect you to take her side, pamper her and bring ice creams for her.

But when you take his side and try defending him she will literally go a week without talking to you.

So, here are few ways how you can irritate your girl bestie.

Try all of them and share your experiences.

-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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