The Ultimate Checklist Of Road Trip Tips To Make It Safe & Memorable

Road travel tips

Road trip tips are awesome as it is always cautious to take some tips from those who travel a lot. READ FULL ARTICLE!

Hello readers, have you ever gone on any road trips?

It doesn’t matter how long!

You may have heard this quote,

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”

I and my friends take it seriously and also done an unplanned road trip, recently.

We took my friend’s vehicle, filled the fuel and leave in the night with some snacks and drinks.

We started from Udaipur (Lake City), then drove through Chittorgarh and Ajmer, lastly we ended our trip in Jaipur (Pink City).

We stopped at Chittorgarh, a beautiful historical Fort and then the next stop was Ajmer Dargah.

We enjoyed a lot, those romantic roads and rocking music, those gossips and laughs, sleepless night and roadside bars.

If you’re from India, then you can’t miss the Manali to Leh road trip.

Accessible only during the summers, May-October.

This high altitude route that connects Indian region of Manali with Leh, is a paradise for the road trip- fanatics.

You know why road trips are better than others?

Road trips are best because who knows, maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself on your journey.

Road trips are underrated, it has so many benefits, you see places you’ve never seen before.

I know that everyplace details are available on Google maps and on the internet, but someplace you can’t find on Google.

When you go on road trips, you will explore most of the places you haven’t heard in awhile.

Maybe you will find that place on the Internet, but pictures and stories can’t describe it as you can.

Before going on any trip, choose what type of road tripper you are.

I make categories according to your budget.

Let’s have a look at Road trip tips, one of the main budget-


A. Higher Budget:-

Always want good restaurants for both packing and eating, need fine hotels for staying and travel with tour agencies.

B. Good Budget:-

These are an adventurous one, they can stay anywhere, will stop at any interesting restaurants and travels with tour.

C. No fixed Budget:-

They are nature lover, always sleep in tents and pack some food. They like it rough and tough.

And if you’re not one of them, go to the nearest airport, buy a ticket, take a seat and sleep well on the whole journey.

So if you’re planning for any road trip, I’m giving you some road trip tips below which makes your road trip more adventurous and memorable.

1. Create a music playlist:-

Everyone knows that music and games are a great way to cut time.

But on road trips, you don’t want to pass the time easily.

Also, sing that song only you know and who cares if nobody else has ever heard.

But months later, when one of those special road trip songs comes on at the grocery store or in a bar.

You’ll find yourself transported back to your trip in a way only a song could transport you.

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2. Good Company :

It matters when you go on road trips, good friends make you feel better and also makes your journey interesting.

Always choose your road trip’s friends wisely, so that you can enjoy beers in the backseat of your car.

Debate over things along the road and also sing songs with them.

One of my favourite Road trip tips.

3. Carry a camera :

Road trips are also about bonding in a special way with your trip mates while spending hours and hours together in that tiny box on wheels.

Click each other’s photos while sleeping, capture the sunset and sunrise.

If you see anything iridescent thing on the roadside, stop your vehicle and take a picture.

You can click landmark pictures and in the end, make a collage of these pictures, so you will remember these days when you’re old.

Perfect camera for trips-

4. Put away your damn phone :

You’re on the road trips not on the business trip, so keep your cell phone inside your pocket.

Constant distraction keeps us from observing the place we are at and being present in the moment.

Too often we’re glued to the phone, Snapchatting and Instagramming that moment but never really being in it.

If you seriously want to enjoy, keep your phone away.

5. Always leave in the morning :

Mornings have something special, watching the world wake up.

If you drive early morning, you will find an empty road and also beat the traffic.

It’s my personal advise not to drive at the night because it’s not safe, best it to ride by sunrise and park by sunset.

6. Check your vehicle :

Get your bike/car checked in a Garage before going on a trip.

Also, check weather conditions, if it’s not good then take a bike instead of a car and download maps offline.

Try to ride the bike at constant speed instead of sudden acceleration/deceleration to avoid the risk of backache.

Solo Traveller Essentials To Make Your Trip Enjoyable

Things to do on road trips with your friends-

1. Try something new :

We all don’t have enough time to do something interesting or new in our busy life.

Road trips are best for doing something crazy, adventurous, which you have never done before.

Like stop at unknown places, learn a new language, try bungee jumping and water sports.

2. Feel the breeze :

The breeze from that window at the back of the car, the environment outside and romantic roads is one of the best experiences on the road trips.

3. Car karaoke :

Sing songs in the backseat of your car, who cares if nobody else has heard or not.

Open window, full volume and shout louder, It will make your road journey better.

4. Click the ugliest Pic of your friend :

Take loads of pictures and videos every time like sleepless on the couch, while laughing and trekking.

So that you don’t forget this moment and every time when you will see this picture, a small smile will come to your face.

5. Enjoy sunsets :

The best thing while travelling is a sunset, always remember to spend some time at the top of the Hill or Highway and watch it.

Switch off your phone, sit on the ground and keep your eyes on the sun, one of the best moments in life.


In the end, I want you to remember one thing.

Make memories enough, Not money.

These are some road trip tips and advice for your next road trip, I hope you like it.

Image credits: noughty_thoughts

-Written by Hitendra

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