Youtube Vlogger- Tanya Khanijow Interview And What We Can Learn?


Tanya Khanijow interview as I met her recently. She is a very genuine and hardworking YouTuber. I am following her from 10k subscribers.

Hello everyone.

I hope everybody is doing good. I am posting after a long time in this section. I love this section a lot.

As I wrote my heart out. Never have to think anything about SEO or analytics.

It’s just me.

So my current update is that I am in Pune. So basically my 6-month training got over in Mysore. And when I am allocated to Pune.

I was stunned.

I never ever believed that I will get my first choice(preference in cities). It is been around two months here. I have not visited a lot here. But until now, I liked Pagdandi books store cafe. The city is great.

Weather is awesome. I had never lived in a city like this. It is all a new and great experience.

Now let’s talk about my celeb meet.

I have never met an influencer in my entire life. So what happened, I was just checking Tanya’s website.

Oh by the way if you don’t know her just youtube her name.

So yeah, I saw meetup page on her site. And my eyes were like.. what she is having a meetup on 30th august.

I quickly checked her insta story. And got to know she is in Pune. Then her post comes with all the details.

She organized the Pune meetup in Starbucks Koregaon park at 5 p.m.


After that, I set my schedule and left my office at 3 p.m. Took a bus to manapa and then ola auto. I was excited and nervous.

Then she entered at 5.20 p.m. I can’t believe my eyes. She was looking gorgeous. We talked a lot.

A mini Tanya Khanijow interview

Q. How you manage your budget in travelling?

A. I am a good planner.

Q. Next dream destination?

A. Antartica

Q. Next destination for a travelling vlog?

A. Southeast of India.

Q. How you convinced your parents?

A. I explain everything with a clear picture. Tell them that this is a thing people making money out of it. Then your parents will definitely support you.

Q. How to deal with collaborations?

A. I personally haven’t collaborated with any YouTuber yet, just focus on your work, collaborations can happen later, at the right time.

Q. How you manage food while travelling?

A. I love trying food from different regions.

Q. Your bad experience with collaborations

A. When I had 5k followers on Instagram, I got a message from some beauty brand to review their products.

They have sent me a kit to try out and to post 2 photos of it. I posted one and then tried another and got a disastrous allergic reaction. I simply say no to them.

I’ll never recommend a thing that doesn’t suit me. They blacklist me but I’m fine with it.

Q. Your current goal?

A. Obviously, for now, 100k subscribers.

tanya khanijow

That’s it.

I had fun talking with Tanya. She is an amazing person.

Have a great day ahead to all. Thanks for reading.

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