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Instagram followers

Hello Folks,

Today we discuss about the most popular social media application.

Yes, this is what you’re thinking.

Instagram, world’s most popular social media app after facebook.

Instagram firstly launched for iOS users in 2010, after a year later an Android version of Instagram was released.

Instagram allow its users to upload photographs and short videos, follow other users feeds, and geo-tag images with the name of a location.


Instagram has so many more features like you can go live anywhere, also post stories which stays for only 24 hours, with best camera filters.

Instagram stories contains these features, Type, Live, Normal, Boomerang, Superzoom, Rewind, Hands-free, it’s make Instagram stories look good.

Daily more than 800+ Million active users run Instagram as per a survey in March 2018 and 500 Million users daily use Instagram story feature.

If you’re making an Instagram page for earning money, then you’re going in wrong direction.

You’re wasting your time, leave it and do your pending work.

Because Instagram doesn’t pay for posting! my boy.

But You can earn money from Instagram if you have a huge number of followers.

Because Instagram is right now best platform for social media marketing.

I also have a page on Instagram (@noughty_thoughts) with 12.8k followers and I managed it well.

noughty thoughts

I made this page last year in May.

It’s easy to create a page on Instagram but it’s hard to manage it daily.

If you’re making an Instagram page, then you have to Post daily and also do communicates with your followers by replying their DM and comments.

I’m sure you will enjoy a lot.

After creating an page on Instagram, I told my every friend to follow my page by text and WhatsApp.

Some of them followed and some of them not, I don’t know why.

After completing 3 months, I was bored because post engagement wasn’t increasing.

Post engagement means total number of likes and comments on your post, it’s based on number of followers.

Neither likes nor followers was increasing, only my friends were following.

I was like why I’m posting content on Instagram?

People doesn’t like my content!

This question will definitely strike in your mind after some days.

Then one thought came in mind,

If you feel like quitting think about why you started.”

I want to make it Big!

So then I started following more accounts on Instagram.

I didn’t know who I was following, but I followed.

Then I see slightly increment in my likes and followers also.

Make small targets like first to archive 1k followers, then next step is to archive 2k, then go on.

Because can’t get 1M followers on Instagram one night like Priya Prakash Varrier.

When you go somewhere for outing, keep in touch with your Instagram followers, post stories on different cultures and their climatic conditions.

If you go on trekking, share your trekking experience with your followers.

Establish a stronger bond with your Instagram followers,

Like you’re planning to broadcast a live video, it’s important to alert them to the broadcast time early on, or else you’ll have no viewers for your video.

Right now, Me and my three friends are admins of this page.

I shared my username and password with them because I trust them and also it’s good for your page,

Like if you’re busy in enjoying holidays with family, your friends will manage.


Some tips I want to give you if you make an Instagram page in future or maybe you have one.

1. Make a good profile :-

Set your profile picture according to your page name and write a good bio, don’t forget to put your website URL if you have.

Instagram Bio is the first thing people see when they click on your profile, the perfect description of what you do and why people should follow you.

2. Hashtags :-

Hashtags are main things you have to keep in mind while posting.

Instagram allows maximum of 30 hashtags on per post, so use relevant hashtags according to your page and post.

Take your own time and find right hashtags for your post.

Also add your page name as one of the hashtags, which can describe your page.

3. Captions :

Captions are used as a place for sharing stories, micro blogging and for brands promotion.

I know captions may not be as important as your Instagram feed but they still play a critical role.

4. While posting photo or video :-

Photo or video should be in good quality and representing your page name.

Don’t post all the post at the same time, take some time for next post.

Use snapseed to make your images look unique and professional.

When your audience feel comfortable or empowered by your message, there’s a good chance they’ll follow you.

If it’s truly engaging, people will read it, follow and look for similar content in the future.

5. Don’t make it private :-

If you really have interest in gaining followers, then don’t make it private because I don’t see any merits in keeping your account private.

Private account drives away your potential followers, first they send you a follow request and the request might take some time to get accepted.

Not only it is inconvenient, but also they won’t be able to check out your old content.

6. Make Business account :-

Business account get access to a tone of advanced features, like contact information, insights on all posts and promoted posts also.

Post insights, this is one of the best feature of business account, it is an analytical tool which gives all the details about our post like, total number of likes, comments, post saved and also post reach.

After completing 10,000 or more followers on Instagram with business profile, you’re eligible for putting links in stories.

It’s not difficult to make business account, first go to your profile and click on settings, then tap on “switch to business profile”.

Connect your facebook page with your Instagram account and click on NEXT.

Then fill your contact information, including email address, phone number and location, after filling click on DONE.

Keep these tips in mind while creating an Instagram account, then you can achieve your goals.

All the best.

-Written by Hitendra(Intern at BoldBlush)

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