Best Places For Camping In India You Shouldn’t Miss

camping in india

Best places for camping in India that you should definitely know about if you are thinking of camping in future, they are awesome.

Being an Indian I feel blessed that I have taken birth in a country with an enormous geographical variation and indescribable beauty.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari we have always appreciated the beauty our motherland beholds.

India has uncountable places that are not yet explored by any individual and are waiting for travelers to unfold their secrets in front of the entire world.

Mountains, deserts, jungles, rivers, valleys and many more geographical variations under one single roof of a nation is very rare.

So, to all the travelers and campers out there pack your bag and begin the journey to explore all the hidden corners of India and witness totally a different beauty of nature.


Always remember experiences are what you treasure for lifetime and hence I am going to give a brief about few places in India that are best for camping.

Whether you are a solo traveler or planning a trip with your friends these places are some of the best locations in our country.

So, what’s the first thing that pops into our head when we think of camping?

Some peaceful, calm and pollution free place.

Isn’t it?

Place where all your negativity comes to an end and you feel free, energetic and what not.

So, my dear friends let’s start with the very first place LADAKH.

Visiting Ladakh is the experience of a lifetime.

The best time to visit Ladakh is between May to September.

The popular destinations in Ladakh are Leh, Kargil, Hunder and Spangmik.

You can stay there in the decorated camps and witness the uniqueness of the place.

Don’t miss the beautiful sunset at the Tsomoriri Lake and other trekking points.

Ten days are enough for a trip to Ladakh and it’s outskirts.

Bikers don’t miss the chance to have this remarkable experience.

Then the next place, KULLU.

Kullu is located in the Manali district of Himachal Pradesh.

The best places to visit in Kullu are Kheer Ganga, Tosh Valley, Kasol and many more.

You can also go for riverside camping, rafting, paragliding and other adventure activities.

You can also indulge yourself in snow camping which is most thrilling between October and April with camps near frozen streams and bonfire.

These trips are very budget friendly so don’t even think twice before planning a trip to Manali.

Next on the list is RISHIKESH VALLEY

If you are crazy about camping this place has got to be in your list.

Along with an adventurous trip this is a spiritual destination as well.

Nature will definitely not fail to surprise you if you visit this multihued destination of Uttarakhand.

Rafting in Rishikesh is fun and exciting.

There are also Bungee jumping, giant swing, grand elephant rides etc.

The magnificent view of Rishikesh, the powerful Himalayas and the spiritual Ganges makes it a hot spot for travel addicts.


Then comes the never ending beauty of NORTH-EASTERN India.

Just pick a destination and enjoy a thrilling camp under the night sky with a billion stars.

You can feel your inner self detoxifying while spending the whole night witnessing the wild side of nature.

It’s a completely different experience to hike in the woods.

You will feel like you are spending your holidays in a 100 percent eco-friendly camp that will rejuvenate your mind.

From visiting the national parks at Assam to enjoying the incredible and picturesque lakes of north-eastern India.

It’s every photographer’s dream to capture these mesmerizing sights.

7 most beautiful lakes in north-eastern India are Madhuri lake (Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh), Loktak lake(Manipur), Shilloi lake(Nagaland), The frozen lake-Gurudongmar(Sikkim), Chandubi Lake(Assam), Rudrasagar lake(Agartala), and Umiam lake(Shillong).

Next, trek to the VALLEY OF FLOWERS.

Valley Of Flowers

Valley of flowers is an Indian National Park located in West Himalaya.

It is well known for it’s alpine flowers and variety of flora.

This place is often acknowledged by renowned mountaineers and botanists.

A 6 day trip is enough to explore this place starting from Haridwar to Ghangaria.

There isn’t much adventure to do here except trekking but at the end you will witness some of the beautiful and most endangered species of the world that are exclusively found in this place.

Next, fly high in GOA.

There is no single individual in our country who doesn’t want to visit Goa with their friends and want to do sightseeing.

It’s the fun hub of our country and attracts most of the tourists from around the world.

Goa is not only about those uncountable posh events and late night beach parties, there is always an adventurous life to find in Goa if you are truly looking for it.

You can go for scuba diving in Grande island, cycling at Divar and Chorao islands, enjoy the water sports in Mobor beach, beach camping in South Goa and many more fun frolic activities like hot air balloon flight, jungle trek, etc.

So, this year let’s BAG PACK GOA!!!

Next, check your guts in SPITI VALLEY.

There are places in India that are outlined by treacherous alleys and lie buried under stiffened snow for the most part of the year and Spiti Valley is one such place.

This is not a place to go for people who have just started camping and trekking because this needs a good experience and a lots of willpower.

I do not want to discourage you guys but still think twice before choosing this place if you are new in this adventure.

The Spiti valley trek route is from Kaza to Kibber to Langza to Hikkim to Komik to Chemai Lepcha Pass to Demul to Lalung to Dhankar to Tab to Kaza.

So, all the best to the travelers out their whose next stop is Spiti.

Next, Chadar– The frozen river trek.


Though I have mentioned Ladakh at the very beginning, still Chadar trek is to some other difficulty level.

The roads are treacherous and most of the roads are closed due to heavy snowfall.

Chadar Trek is one such route, connecting villages in the Zanskar valley (deep in the mountains) with Chilling along the frozen Zanskar River.

This trek is considered as one of the most exciting and unique treks-which a very few people got succeed in completing.

Apart from all these places the other camping sites in India are Munnar where you can enjoy the elite hill station beauty and the waterfalls.

The greenery will completely take off your mind from everyday hustle bustle.

Then there is Rajasthan where you can camp under the desert sky at night which is completely splendid.


Karnataka will feel your heart with joy with it’s amazing Bandipur trip, Nandi Hills, Chikmagalur, Mangalore and many more places.

This is one of the best place for bikers and people looking for small weekend campings.

You can also try visiting Suderban(West Bengal), camping in Lohagad Valley(Maharshtra), Pondicherry(Tamil Nadu).

The sports that can never be missed are paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, mountaineering, rock climbing and many more.

If you are a true traveler nothing can stop you from exploring the world and feed yourself with priceless experience.

So, go ahead and don’t let anything stop you…Be a true traveler with a spirit that can never be caged.

-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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