Why everybody should be a bookworm like me


Why everyone should be a bookworm and how it really helps in evolving as a person and in other struggles of our life also.

Well, what exactly do you mean when you call someone a bookworm?

A studious, sincere fellow who knows only to dig into his books for the entire academic year or someone who carries a book with himself to every place he visits say from a coffee shop to even a wedding party.

Sounds weird, isn’t it?

You must be wondering how can someone be so connected to a non-living object than socialising with new people.

So, today let’s talk about how for some people books have become an integral part of life then about the different genres of books and lastly how they manage to drive our enthusiasm at every stage of life.

Reading books can take one to a whole other world of imagination you never want to step out from.

It makes you feel alive, peaceful and every other feeling you dont recieve in real life.

Every character becomes an important part of your life, so important that you mentally get attached to every one of them.

At some point of time you start realising that you actually feel for those fictional characters and they have become the best companion of your life.

Advantages of being a book lover is beyond the fence of our thinking capability.

It motivates you, inspires you, acts as an emotional supporter and a selfless friend who is a constant with no replacement.

Have you ever been a friend to an introvert?

You must be thinking they are so shy that it takes them forever to open up.

They don’t have much friends and they also aren’t much comfortable around many people.

So, just go and ask them what is the importance of books in their life.

Trust me an introvert can never imagine a life without books.

It’s like a constant source of fuel they need to keep themselves active and cherished.

A true bookworm or like the urban language goes these days a true “bookaholic” would never miss a chance to crawl into the library and spend the entire night sitting in a corner with a cup of coffee under the giant mountain of books.

But, reading books are never limited just within the boundary where the studious people excel in studies or a bunch of introverts who are too shy to make friends.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a strong craze for reading books or not, once you start reading you will eventually get addicted to it.

Moreover, you can select a book according to your preference because there are so many categories to choose.

So, let’s talk about some major genres and also some famous inspiring books that will leave you spellbound and should be at the top of your list this year….

A Genre may fall under two categories:

Fiction(characters and events invented by the author) or a non-fiction(events and descriptions are understood to be factual).

First genre I am going to discuss about is FANTASY.

Fantasy is mostly about supernatural element where the place, events and story of the plot has no connections with the real world.

It is mainly a genre of speculative fiction with a touch of drama and literature.

At times it gets overlapped with horror and science fiction but mostly it is of medievalist form.

Few books under this genre I might suggest you to read are- The Hobbit, The lord of the rings, American Gods, Game of thrones and many more…

Then let’s discuss about MYSTERY.

Mystery books are mostly about a mysterious death and how the crime is solved.

A creatively designed plot, a mindblowing puzzle game and a bunch of close suspects will give you goosebumps everytime you read a mystery fiction.

The central character is often played by a detective who ultimately solves the crime by logical deduction.

So, get ready to wake the Sherlock inside you.

Some of the books I would love to suggest are Gone Girl, Murder on the Orient Express, The couple next door, Into the water and many more.

Well, at times it might also turn out to be a treasure hunt like in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

Then let’s spread love in the air and start reading ROMANTIC novels.

These type of fictions mainly focus in a relationship between two people which is expected to have an optimistic ending.

Both the conflict and the climax of these novels are about developing a romantic relationship though it might have subplots not related to the core theme of romantic love.

Some of the books which you should definitely read are Pride and Prejudice, Me before you, The notebook, Bared to you etc.

Trust me these novels will give you strong chills inside your stomach and bring your wildest fantasies right infront of your eyes.

Then comes the very important HISTORICAL books.

These are informative books which tells us about the history of our world, our country and about many movements and revolutions that took place in ancient times.

It explains about the social condition, about a particular period and sometimes revolves around a particular historical legendary person.

Books that are recommended are– The pillars of the Earth, The book thief, War and Peace, Book of Ruth and so on…

BIOGRAPHIES and AUTOBIOGRAPHIES of some great people inspire us alot.

It teaches us how to fight for what we actually want in life and to never give up.

It helps us to deal with adverse mental conditions and how to stay strong in life.

You should read about the life of Stephen Hawnkings, Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, APJ Abdul Kalam, Henrietta Lacks and many more.

COMIC books or comic magazines are very amusing and creatively presented to the readers.

Comics that are published are printed in the form of colorful pictures and arts in juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes and events.

The dialogues are written in word balloons that makes it even more attractive.

Earlier comic strips were used to be printed in the newspapers featuring stories of all genres.

You can try reading Batman, Marvel comics, Anime, Supergirls etc.

Now, the NON-FICTION books plays a very important role in our life providing us with true facts and information from around the world.

They are written in good faith and the authors claim them to be truthful or can convince the audience about the composition.

Journals, travel books, textbooks, photographs and magazines are majorly considered as non-fiction.

Some famous non-fiction books are 1776, Alexander Hamilton, In the Heart of the Sea, The New Jim Crow, How Google works, How we got to Know, It’s Okay to Laugh and many more…

Apart from all these, I want to suggest some books irrespective of the genre that is a must read for everyone.

No matter if you feel bored in the middle of the book you should read them because it will teach you alot of things about life, career, relationship with people, our society and mostly about our personality.

There are so many good books that after reading them your entire perspective to look at the world will change forever.

So, give these books a mandatory read.

City of Djinns, The Kite Runner, the Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, One hundred years of solitude, The palace of Illusions, I am Malala, Outliers, The secret of the Nagas, The catcher in the Rye, The Fountainhead, Gone with the wind, Roots etc etc.

And last of all doesn’t matter if you are a kid, a teenager or an adult please go and read the Harry Potter novels if you still haven’t.

They are a magical creation to make our life wonderful and a series I personally want to read throughout my life.

So, just grab any book from the above list, make a nice cup of coffee and fall in love with the world of words and imagination.

Thanks for reading the article.

-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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