How To Be A Fitness Freak From A Couch Potato

fitness freak

You can be a fitness freak from a couch potato, it’s not rocket science but needs a lot of dedication and passion to achieve.

Good Morning everyone!

Is it too early to respond to morning wishes since you dozed off at 2 a.m in the night or too late for the same because you need to catch an early flight?

We guys know right how special we feel when someone wakes you up with a morning tea and you feel all cozy and cuddly.

Or the mid night conversations we have but then we end up running late in the mornings.

It’s not only about running late but also about the fresh, active and energetic feeling you are depriving yourself of.

So, now I think you guys got a clear hint about what my priceless information and the suggestions which are going to be for today.


Now it’s like some kind of 3F’s to be both physically and mentally refreshed.

Mental fitness is also very important along with physical fitness because if we are mentally disturbed it may result in many kind of psychological issues.

So, the first question is WHY TO STAY FIT?


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Okay, let me tell you many people live with the absolute wrong idea of working out only to maintain a perfect body shape.

But this is the least important reason to actually are fitness freak.

Waking up early in the morning and stepping out of your house will lighten up your mood immediately.

When you breathe the fresh air and hear those little birds singing you will feel connected to the nature.

All your stress will vanish in no time.

Trust me workout, meditation, yoga and many more are the best ways to energize both your body and mind.

Exercises helps the blood circulation in our body, our heart stays well, we build up a positive mindset and most importantly we are ready to accept all kind of challenges both in our personal and professional life.

Now, the most vital and informative part:



Common guys start taking notes!!

There are million ways to achieve your fitness goals and be a fitness freak.

First of all make your workout routines, training plans, consult a gym trainer and maintain a healthy diet.

Now you guys must be thinking where am I going to get so much time?

How am I suppose to adjust my schedule and many more…

No worries.

It’s not a written established rule that only working out in gymnasium can help you stay fit. Yoga, jogging, exercises, swimming or practicing any kind of outdoor sports can also make you stay fit.

Well, Yoga being my personal favorite let me tell you how beautiful and helpful it is.

As we all know the origin of yoga is from nowhere but from our motherland- India.

It’s one of the very old practices that have been adopted by one and everyone to obtain a good physical and mental health.

It along with physical movements includes meditation which relaxes our mind and reduces stress.

Doing yoga is beneficial for people of all age because it provides all-round fitness, weight loss, detoxifies the body, improves physical strength, provides inner peace, better posture, flexibility and what not.

Pranayama helps in reducing stress and helps to build a positive mindset.

Asanas like Natarajasana helps you strengthen your legs and have a good body balance.

Pincha Mayurasana helps in blood circulation and also strengthen your arms.

The beginners should start with padmasana, gomukhasana, halasana, naukasana, ustrasana, trikonasana and most importantly surya namaskar.



Sukhasana is an easy pose but it is more beneficial for women as it reduces the menstrual pain and level of anxiety.

And after practice perform savasana which rejuvinates your mind and helps your body absorb all the workout advantages.

You should perform yoga either early in the morning or before supper.

It also helps in proper digestion and a step towards being a fitness freak.

Apart from yoga, you can always go for a run every morning or even during the evenings.

Stair climbing helps in burning a huge amount of fat.

You can also perform stretches, squats, push-up, sit-up, planks etc.

People who are associated with any kind of outdoor sports like football, badminton, swimming, rugby, cricket, basketball and many more doesn’t particularly need any extra workout.

But then we say “the more the merrier”.

So, a bit of extra won’t cause any harm to your health.

Always remember warming up is very essential before any kind of fitness practice.

You can jog a little, do spot jogging, some stretches, relax your shoulder, perform some hip movement and you are ready to go…

Now, the last question WHAT TO EAT??

The only motto of eating healthy is not about staying fit and nor it’s about depriving yourself of the food you love.

You must be thinking my own words are conflicting each other.

Absolutely not.

It means if you start eating healthy then there’s no harm in eating those mouth watering spicy, tasty, delicious food once in a while.

Remember that your body should recieve all the important nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and also the right amount.

Start your day with eating cereals, and fruits.

Always go for green vegetables at lunch.


Dairy or calcium supplement is a mandatory.

Eat nuts or legumes twice a day.

Have fish, poultry or eggs atleast once.

Plant oils like olive, corn, sunflower, soy and other vegetable oils are necessary.

You can also eat red meat, white pasta or white rice but not very often.

Alcohol should be taken in moderation.

And please guys it’s a request DO NOT SKIP ANY MEAL.

Empty stomach is a cause for alot of diseases which becomes severe with age.

Drink plenty of water(atleast 5-6 litres) everyday.


Take vitamin supplements if needed.

I guess that’s it for today.

Try to maintain a proper diet, do workout, and don’t try to be over slimy and get yourself disease proned which leads to be a fitness freak.

The ultimate motive is to come out of a degraded life style, stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy and become more productive.

Have a good day!!

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– Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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