Weekly Fashion Tips for Classy Office Style

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Hi ladies, let’s rule the workplace this week with your confidence and my fashion tips for office style.

Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

After all who doesn’t want to get all trendy, ultra-feminine and elegant and set off to work.

We never miss a chance to adore those high fashion models from the cosmopolitan magazines and how amazing they look on the latest corporate collections.

Well, now it’s time to let other people adore you and droll over your trendy outfits.

It’s really hard for a 9 to 5 working woman to keep their wardrobe updated along with time.

Now, you must be thinking I just spoke your heart out.

Isn’t it?

Don’t worry my dear ladies that’s what I am here for.

To suggest the look for the entire week which will make heads turn.

The first thing we will learn entering into a corporate world is how to keep anything brief and to the point.

That’s how my fashion tips are going to be this week.


So, let us begin our mini fashion event with MONOCHROMATIC MONDAY.

Always remember that solid colours are never out of style especially the most classy combination of black and white.

Since the weekend vibe isn’t over yet and you will probably be running late, keep your Monday’s look simple yet bold with a white silk shirt, a pair of black trousers and a peach blazer.

Pick a pair of black sunglasses to go with your look and black tiptoe high heels.

A silver watch and a black shoulder bag would be perfect with this office style look.

Let the wind kiss your open hair when you step into your busy Monday schedule.

Get yourself ready for THE TRADITIONAL TUESDAY.

Nobody will ever miss a chance to have a look at the beautiful Indian women in traditional attire.

Get yourself ready with a long straight light colour kurta with a palazzo or an embellished knee-length Kurti and dark coloured leggings with your hair tied into a fish braid.

Wait! Don’t miss those heavy metal earrings, the mandatory pink lipstick and high wedges.

You can also try wearing silver bangles and a small BINDI to match up to your look.

Don’t forget the red tote which will definitely make your lady colleagues jealous…

Then comes the all WRAPPED WEDNESDAY.

Get yourself ready in a beautiful knee-length wrap dress which trusts me looks mind-blowing with a high bun.

It brings a complete ladylike look with an amazing pair of pumps and a little eye makeup.

Don’t miss the chance to make yourself look more attractive with a small handbag and a cup of coffee with extra cream on the other hand which by the way is to make yourself feel more energetic on those busy mornings.

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And there comes the TEASING THURSDAY.

Ladies, just take a moment and appreciate the fact that how beautiful and attractive you are…

So, this Thursday let your bodycon peplum top with a matching pencil skirt do the talking on your behalf.

Be confident about your body and flaunt the curves.

I personally prefer this outfit incomplete grey colour because it is the perfect office match.

So, go ahead with a pair of silver stiletto heels with those files in your hand attending the business meetings.

Just be a goddess and let your boss think you are all ready for a promotion.

Already making the weekend plans??

Wait!! You still have time for that.

First of all, let us get ready for the FLORAL FRIDAY.

After spending the entire week wearing office style look, you are allowed to look all sweet, smart, pretty and 20 all over again.

Put on a bright-coloured floral knee-length dress and pair of boots to go with it.

Make a half bun to get the college look all over again.

You can also try a half jumpsuit and maybe a layered wrap coat with it if it’s cold out there.

A trendy leather analogue watch and this time try a pastel bag.

Be the young little girl for one day and let everyone adore you.
Wait, what??

Extra shifts on Saturdays??

Now, you must be thinking how can you leave your bed in the morning and get a perfect look you came home after a late-night party.

Isn’t it?

Calm down. I have a solution for anything and everything.


Put on that black knitted sweater you haven’t thought of in a long time.

Pair it up with grey chinos and black loafers and your hair tied into a messy bun with little fringes.

Be comfortable because when your boss rings up for urgent meetings you have no clue how long it is going to take.

Put on the sunglasses, a mandatory watch, a handbag and get set go.

Okay, so now it is time to party only if you are not exhausted from extra shifts and presentations.

Take a power nap and get ready for a pool party to chill this weekend!

Now, it is time for some special tips for an everyday office style look.

Don’t miss to put your compact, lipstick and the perfume in your handbag because no matter what those are your last-minute best friends.

Eat healthy in the morning and sleep well to look all fresh and confident.

Never step out without your sunglasses and without applying the sunscreen lotion.

No matter how tired you are don’t let your face express it especially sitting on that conference room with a bunch of delegates.

And last of all always keep with nail paints updated with day to day clothes because these minute details sum up for a huge personality.

So, go girl and own the world!

-Written by Annasha(Intern at BoldBlush)

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