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Quora and my favorite Quorans!

Wikipedia describes Quora as a question and answer site – where questions are asked, answered and edited by its huge community of users.

I stumbled across Quora in early 2015.

I was probably searching for something to do with organic chemistry for my JEE preparation when I discovered Quora and oh boy – I sure was enchanted.

Back then it was a forum for me to pour in my pre-engineering doubts, get to know about JEE, IIT, BITS and get answers from seniors who had actually been through the entire process.

So this was my early experience on Quora.

Time flew by and I followed many new topics.

I developed a deep interest in politics and economics because of Quora and found an incredible source of information.

I got to know the views of entrepreneurs, business leaders, political analysts, doctors, engineers, diplomats, army men, pilots, singers, dancers, comedians and all this by visiting one website.

At one point in time, I was addicted to Quora and to be honest, it is better to be addicted to Quora rather than Facebook or Instagram.

Quora connects you to the bigger world, enables you to learn from the best, understand the point of view of different people, it lets you into the minds of the best and the common people at the same time.

For one question, the 10 different answers help you understand every perspective there possibly could be.

Now if I have motivated you enough to start using Quora, here’s a list of 5 of my favorite Quorans that the new fish must follow.

1) Balaji Viswanathan:

Balaji Viswanathan is the most followed person on Quora and rightly so.

He is the founder of Invento robotics, the company which made Mitra, a humanoid specializing in customer interaction.

Balaji Viswanathan has an incredible amount of knowledge about history, demographics, politics, economics, and basically everything Indian.

I consider him to be a storehouse of information and I owe my interest in Indian politics to him.

2) Bhuvi Jain:

Popularly known as “Quoramom”, I find Mrs. Bhuvi Jain to be very sensible in her answers.

Her answers on politics are to the point and supported with valid examples and facts.

Apart from politics, she also writes on cooking and lifestyle.

She is a keen observer and this is showcased clearly through her answers.

3) Richard Muller:

He is a professor of Physics at UC Berkeley and has won various awards for his breakthroughs in cosmology, writes a lot of answers on particle physics, space, and geophysics.

Richard Muller is also the co-founder of Berkeley Earth which is dedicated towards research for climate change.

Apart from all things nerdy, he writes on parenting, life lessons, and career advice.

All of his answers are pretty well structured and hardly fail to impress.

4) Dushka Zapata:

Dushka Zapata is an amateur writer and some of her answers can make you fall in love with her.

She mostly writes about life advice, relationships, and philosophy in general.

She gives a lot of examples from her own life in her answers and almost all of them make a lot of sense.

Her answers are beautiful and well structured.

5) Rahul Shrivastava:

He is the joint secretary in the Ministry of external affairs of India and has previously served as the Indian ambassador to Venezuela, Russia, UK, and Kazakhstan.

Writes about the IFS, India’s international relations and the life of diplomats in general, very well informed and clearly knows about the stuff he writes.

He is a living inspiration to the many aspirants of the Indian civil services.

These are the five Quorans whom I follow closely but there are a lot of amazing contributors to the Quora community which keeps on getting bigger and better every day.

-Written by Devesh Dembla(Intern at BoldBlush)

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