10 Budget Friendly Destination Wedding Locations

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2018 has been a year of great wedding inspirations so far.

From the big screen to the small screen every another star is tying the knot at exotic places.

Recently, the culture of destination weddings is on a go.

I know you must have dreamt of having a wedding like Aditi (Kalki Kochelin) from Ye Jawani Hai Deewani in Udaipur.

Since times immemorial weddings have been lavish bash where one displays his/her wealth in the lieu of lifelong praises from their social groups.

Therefore, big fat weddings come with the big fat price range.

One important thing to keep in mind is the weather of the destination.

Make sure you pick a destination at its off season because the on-season and off-season varies largely.

You might get luck to avail a hefty discount.

Also pre-book the destination at least before 3-4 months so that you get it at a comparatively less price.

So here we are bringing you across 10 breathtakingly beautiful locations to get married at.


GO GOA! An advertisement said this.

Guess it was right.

Goa is an ideal destination for everything, new years, birthdays, anniversaries, then why not wedding.

Endowed with beautiful beaches, great vibe and picturesque landscape.

Goa is not only ideal for wild parties but also simple, elegant and mesmerizing weddings.


Blessed with its great culture, this ancient city is one of the best places for a traditional yet modern wedding.

The rich culture of Hampi makes it possible for everyone to have a great grand wedding.

This place is not that popular in the list of destination weddings and this is what makes it unique and affordable.

Hampi is an ideal place to tie the knot with your beau as it has affordable prices to bargain from.

Negrill, Jamaica

Have you always dreamt of an overseas wedding?

Or are you inspired by Anushka Sharma’s Italy wedding?

Well Negrill falls in place if you’re looking for such a place.

Situated in the sumptuous land of Jamaica, the prices of travel and variety of locally available food make it an excellent place for destination weddings.

Negrill is everything that you’re looking for, affordable, cheap, beautiful (that too breathtakingly) and easy to reach.

It’s a quiet place for you to spend the biggest day of your life with the ones who actually matter.


Wedding in hill stations is a dream of hundreds of brides these days.

After all, hill stations give us a glimpse of heaven itself.

If not Switzerland then Shimla, will that do?

Both Shimla and Mossoorie are ideal places for a fairy tale wedding and for pre wedding photo shoot as well.

Yes, we’ve all imaged yourselves running like Kareena Kapoor in a scene from Jab We Met.

However make sure you plan an off-season wedding or pre-book since that would get you a good discount.

Kerela backwaters

Serenity of heaven, god’s own place Kerala is not only rich of its beauty and culture but kerala is also known for its backwaters greatly.

Ever thought of riding on a snake boat from one shore to the other right after the vows.

Yes Kerela can do that to you.

Though a destination wedding in kerala is still an underrated concept but give it a thought, a beachy wedding right in the land of god.

The best time to plan such an event is from September to march as the weather is rather merciful.


It is the capital of Dadar Nagar Haveli, an another destination which is still in darkness.

Located midst Gujrat and Maharastra Silvassa is one of its kinds.

It is not only rich in its scenic beauty but also has a lot of resorts and exotic locations to etch to your mind.

A former Portuguese colony, Silvassa has a cheap and affordable town to plan an event in.

If you have knack for historical places , just go there.

Belize, Mexico

Inexpensive, raw, quiet, secluded and beautiful, Belize is one place that has everything that make you impatient about visiting rather marrying at this place.

Belize has some lush green full of life forests, peachy beaches, Mayan ruins and 2nd largest barrier reef in the world.

This is what makes Belize a desirable location.

You can easily find cheap and affordable places to stay if you’re strictly looking for low budget wedding.

Also another pro factor of Belize is that it comes with a great variety in food.

You can easily get Lobster there as it is a speciality and it can be included in the meals of guests.

It is not only an ideal wedding destination but also a place for a honeymoon.


Wan a dreamy wedding right midst of the dessert?

Utah is your place.

The Salt Lake City is a popular place to get hitched.

With picturesque places to amazing wedding locations, Utah has it all.

Comfortable Resorts, experienced wedding planners and many designers.

Utah offers more than you can ask for.

You can right away go to Utah if you have that adventure soul residing inside you.


The latest man made hill station in Pune is on the hype.

Want to get married in Italy but are you running low on the budget?

Lavasa is the place to go to.

It has been remodelled on the lines of a town in Italy.

Amazing architecture, waterfalls, mountains and the vibe of this town would make you feel that you’re in Italy itself.

This place is also ideal for pre and post wedding photo shoots.

Andaman Island

We all know that Andaman Islands are a great place to travel to.

Though for a wedding destination it is a bit off beat, but this is what makes it special.

Stand amidst the blue skies and blue water.

Hold each other’s hand and unite forever together.

Havelock is great destination to exchange vows you can look for resorts and beaches in the surroundings and can live your golden moments in midst of the golden sand.

These 10 places are like paradise for people desiring destination wedding.

They are cost effective, beautiful and quite unravelled.

You can get a unique personalized touch while planning your big day here.

Also, your steps can set goals for the others too.

So what are you waiting for?

Indian cities for budget destination weddings

Written by Parul Sharma(Intern at BoldBlush)

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