5 Male Fitness Gods that one should follow on Instagram

Male fitness Instagrammers

In the first part of this series, we had 5 fitness goddesses for you to follow.

In the second part of this series, we have 5 fitness gods that you must follow if you are looking for some inspiration.

A great body can only be yours if you are consistent and highly motivated.

Turn every comment that anyone has thrown towards you into a motivating factor.

A major problem for guys is to gain weight and to acquire a lean, ripped structure from a skinny pole.

Weight training as it comes is difficult and strenuous but you can’t give up before reaching your ultimate goal.

These days social media has an extensive influence on our lifestyle, fashion and fitness is one more thing that it influences.

Don’t feel like going to the gym today fine don’t, but don’t lose your consistent efforts.

Constant use of social media influences us even more, so let’s steer this influence towards getting a great hot body.

Here we have for you some great fitness role models to get inspired from.

Read till the end boys.

Dwane “The Rock” Johnson

We’ve seen “The Rock” rocking the WWE rings and the Hollywood screen.

He has given some major goals to not only boys but to girls as well with regard to fitness.

His Instagram handle is a gold mine for fitness freaks.

He is a fitness hero in an actual sense.

The workouts that he gives are utterly cruel, hard and in chains (a few times).

If you are looking for tough and strenuous workout go click that follows button on insta.

Curtis Williams

Wanna up your game?

Go and visit Curt Williams virtually.

Former Baltimore raven and a present coach has a special and one of its kind routine.

Inspired from his athletic experience his routine specially gives you those athletic strengths that can increase your stamina and help you top change yourself and your temperament.

Kemo Marriott

Kemo focuses on all round lifestyle development of his clients.

He has an approach of holistic development for his clients.

He accepts and blabbers no non-sense and works with an intellectual viewpoint towards his clients.

His workouts are great and they increase your mental ability which in turn increases your physical ability to strive for more.

Kenneth Gallarzo

The star blogger and Vice President of Calisthenics Organisation, this progressive fitness god has promoted calisthenics to another level.

He posts some amazing callisthenics workouts on the go.

His goal is to promote the 2017 callisthenics trend for an athletic body build.

He maintains and motivates to maintain his uptown status of fitness while travelling.

You can even visit his website and can start your journey today with Kenneth.

Guys go get him.

Andy Speer

The Reebok spokesperson is fit to the floor himself, his long career of sports and competition plays to his advantage.

He understands needs for today’s world for fitness.

Therefore he posts constant workouts of strength training and gymnastics.

Realising his responsibility as the spokesperson of Reebok he posts constant motivational and exercises posts.

You can find him on various social media platforms apart from Instagram as well.

So these are some fitness role models which one should follow to get into motion n pursuit of a great body.

So guy prepare your gear and get ready for an adventurous rendezvous to get a great shape and body.

I hope you like reading this post.

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