16 Female Fitness Instagram Models to follow in 2021

Female fitness Instagrammers

Female fitness instagram models to follow so that you stay motivated in your daily routine to be fit and healthy all time.

In today’s time, social media is a great boon.

It not only connects you to your loved ones but can also connect you to the brightest of the stars in the sky of Hollywood and Bollywood.

Following the same footsteps here we present 5 most effective and popular fitness pioneers out of 16 that can kick you out of the bed right away.

Emily Skye

Losing weight, planning healthy meals, loving your body –Emily will teach you all.

You can tone up, lose fat with her workouts.

These workouts are just amazing and highly effective.

You get some great routines for HIIT, Functional Weight Training and some basic stretches.

She also promotes healthy eating and there is a plethora of eating options for you to choose from.

Also, she has transformed many lives. She is available on all social media platforms for your help.

Jeanette Jenkins

Do you want a hot-bod like Pink, Camila Alves, Alicia Keys, Tia Mowry?

Well, visit Jeanette Jenkins and get a celeb body.

Jenkins posts plenty of workouts that can even be done without equipment as that facilitates fitness and well being.

To give a spice of motivation and never say die attitude she posts some great quotes.

So what are you waiting for? Just follow her.

Shauna Harrison

Looking for easy yet effective workouts?

Go get Harrison, a post-doctorate public health, she thinks for public health as well.

Harrison posts some super easy workouts that can literally be done by anyone.

She is a complete package in herself as she not only motivates you to strive for more but also helps you to change your lifestyle.

Kayla Itsines

You must have heard about Kayla manny times.

This Australian beauty posts some easy and fun workouts for all ages and stages.

She has gained popularity with her Bikini Body Guide (BBG).

She has a customized workout app which plans your workout and meals according to your weight.

You have to get some amazing workout, food and travel inspiration from Kayla.

Louise Green

The Big Fit Girl Louise is truly an inspiration for girls of all sizes.

She share tips and advices for girls of all shapes and sizes to shed the extra kilos and get toned up.

She is an extreme motivator, and also have proved the metal of plus-sized women in the world of fitness.

Louise’s page is full of motivation and reaching goals.

Along with this she writes a column by the same name.

She is actually an angel in disguise for plus-sized women who teach them to love and embrace themselves.

These are top Female fitness Instagram models to follow and get the body type that you’ve been dying for.

Remember to take proper meals and a balanced diet.

Apart from these Instagrammers you can also follow –

Nora Minnord, Amanda Bisk, Hannah Fallis Bronfan,Amanda Sullivan,Robin Arzon, Traci Copeland, Kira Stokes, Bianca Vesco, Morrit Summers, Hannah Davis, Sjana Elise Earp.

So ladies get to work and invoke your inspirations.

-Written by Parul Sharma(Student)

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