10 Things I Wish I Could Tell A Younger Version of Myself

Younger version

Remember the time when we used to be so innocent and so pure at heart, that the entire world seemed like a big happy place where everything was perfect?

Well, life happened and with the passing of time, we realised that the world is not a fairy tale to live in and there may not be happy endings always.

When I was a kid, everything looked beautiful, everything was perfect and there seemed to be no worries.

But then life and its situations, the changing circumstances showed me a whole new dimension of what life can be.

And now, looking back at a time that has passed away there are some things which I would love to tell my younger self.

1. The time when you were so self-conscious, the time when you felt the need to please everyone, to be in everybody’s good books, somewhere deep down you were letting yourself down. Don’t do that. Love yourself for who you are, whatever you are and be proud of it.

2. The friends that you think will always be there for you, will never let go of you may eventually leave you and yes it would be painful and yes it would hurt, but don’t beat yourself for it. This is what life is and you have to deal with it. Be strong and trust yourself.

3. No matter how bad situations may look, no matter how broken you feel, there will always come a day when everything will be right and you will feel good about yourself. Trust the timing of your life.

4. People’s opinion of you, the way they judge you or belittle you will have no impact on your life whatsoever. Its people’s job to be judgemental and it’s your job to ignore what they say and move on. Nothing can hurt you unless you want to.

5. You will not be right always. You will make mistakes, you will fall down but its okay because you are human. Learn from your mistakes, get back up and fight for you believe in. Remember- to err is human, to forgive is divine.

6. There will be people who will stick you through thick and thin, never let you face anything alone and always be there for you. Never take them for granted. Hold on to them, they are the best people in your life.

7. Never conform to what the society is doing. Believe in your thoughts, your thinking and do what you feel is right. Never apologize for doing something your way.

8. You are not a perfect human. You will never be. Embrace who you are and love yourself. You are unique, smart, intelligent, brave and so many more things that you are yet to discover.

9. Never change who you are.
Always trust your instincts. No matter how stupid you think it is, or how much someone else is trying to convince you otherwise, always trust your gut feeling. It will not let you down.

10. Last and certainly not the least, don’t take yourself so seriously. Let yourself breathe a little and let go of all the worries you have. You have been given a wonderful life and only you can make the most of it. Live your life to the fullest.

-Written by Devesh Dembla(Student)

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