5 Best Fitness Apps To Track Your Health

Health apps

Best Fitness Apps to stay healthy and kick start your morning. For all the lazy ones out there, this will help you a lot in your routine.

Maintaining fitness has become a fad and the latest trend today.

But more than a trend, it is a way of life, a lifestyle regime.

However, it has become immensely important keeping in mind the food choices and sedentary way of life that we lead.

People are so busy today that keeping a track of health has become upset.

To facilitate this we have for you top 5 health apps that help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

My Fitness Pal

This app is actually your pal in the literal senses.

My fitness pal helps you to keep a track of your daily calorie intake, it analyses the nutrients of an edible item by scanning a barcode.

It helps you to reach your weight goals.

Also, through its blog, you’ll be able to find some amazingly healthy eating options.

This app was rated the best free fitness program with 83 points in all the aspects of satisfaction, calorie intake, a variety of eating options and regular maintenance.

A plus point of this app is that it is connected with Fitbit and step counter.

This app is available on Google play store and I-store as well.


It is a great app to count your nutrition and to lose weight, build muscle or to tone up.

They say “all it takes is to set a goal.”

It customises a daily budget for your health routine which is actually based on parameters like age, weight, and lifestyle.

They will help you set a realistic goal and to get to it by the means of daily do’s and don’ts, a comprehensive tracker and over 1500 exercises.

This app is available at Google Play store and I-store.

Ada- Your Health Guide

Want a doctor but don’t have the time to visit a hospital?

Download Ada, a platform made by doctors and scientists to make healthcare simple and affordable for all.

This app takes 3 seconds to complete your health assessment and connects you with a doctor on board.

This app is available for free on Play Store and Apple i-store as well.

Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter

Weight loss, BMI, Calorie Counter, sleep tracker, Step Counter, Heart Rate, Medicines – this app has all of these.

Health & Fitness Tracker is an excellent app and caters to all the needs that a person has in today’s time.

Made by Health Infinity this app is a gift in disguise which calculates your ideal weight, records your heartbeat and records GPS based activities with precise stats calories burnt, route, and distance.

It also sets a medication reminder for your facility.

This app is available on play store and i-store.

Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

A pedometer is developed by Pacer Health and it counts steps, tracks health for free.

You can sync this with my fitness pal and Fitbit.

It counts steps that you take and gives you a detailed analysis of the burnt calories, weight management and ideal weight.

This is easy to use as the interface of the app is quite simple.

This app is available at play store and is one of the most popular ones.

So with these simple yet effective and influential apps, you can keep a track of everything that you’re up to.

I recommend you to use these apps as I have personally downloaded them and have used.

My Fitness Pal is one of the best apps to use.

However, HealthifyMe is also highly effective.

These were top 5 Best Fitness Apps to use to stay fit and fine.

-Written by Parul Sharma(Student)

Do install and check yourself 🙂

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