How To Spend Time While Travelling For Long Hours

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No matter where you stay, travelling is an integral part of your life.

To go somewhere you have to leave the sanctity of your house, step out and travel to wherever you want to be.

And since we are not kids anymore and obviously not being a pro at adulting, most of the time we are just sitting in our ride, looking outside the window trying to figure out life.

Instead, there are a few things to do which might actually make the ride pleasant.

A friend of mine who stays far away, has to travel 3-4 hours, every single day to reach her college, or go to classes or just hang out with us friends.

When asked how she spends her time while travelling she told me some very interesting things.

One of the most answers that you will come across is listening to music.

God bless the person who invented earphones.

For anyone who travels listening to music on a daily basis, earphones are a boon.

And the day when you accidentally forget you earphones is a nightmare come true.

To be honest, it does make you travel bearable and you don’t get bored.

Another way to kill your time would be to read a book.

My friend is an ardent reader and would actually spend her entire life reading books.

For someone who loves reading, travelling might be the perfect time to read.

The reason why all this can be done while travelling is because we rarely have time to do other activities given the busy schedules that we have and it is next to impossible to take out time from our daily routines for stuff like this.

One thing which my friend told me that actually seemed like a very good way to spend your time is to observe people.

She likes to look at people, how they talk, how they behave, how they react.

She derives a perception of every person who is in front of her.

This is by far the best activity that one can indulge in.

This could help to increase your concentration skills, to help analyse situations in a much better way and to get to know people and little better.

This may go wrong sometimes too, but you won’t embarrass yourself as its going to be in your mind only.

Sometimes you even meet people, random strangers on your journeys and it turns out to be a beautiful experience.

I remember reading a story in our Marathi textbook which said that usually when we talk to strangers, we can have more open conversations with them.

The reason being we never really intend to meet them again, nor do we like to create a relationship with them.

There is no fear of hurting anyone’s feelings, nor do we mind anything said by that person.

Whereas when having a conversation with your close friends, you know the way to well to understand what to say and what not to say.

We do hold our tongues back for the fear that we might hurt their feelings and hence the conversation is always strained.

Now I realise that there is truth in the words spoken above.

I guess that is the beauty of meeting strangers and talking to them.

You can actually open up to them about anything and you don’t even care about their opinion of yours.

If you feel like being more creative with your time, then you could write a blog, a book, play a game or admire the scenery that passes by you.

Or you could just try to get some sleep and not do anything.

The choice is up to you but like I said, everything has a beauty of its own and even travelling has a different beauty to itself.

It would be better to spend time exploring that beauty rather than dozing off in your seat.

-Written by Shrunga Poojari(Student)

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