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Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi which you should check out which you are missing or whenever you visit Delhi next time for sure.

Gone are those days when food was only a necessity.

For now, it’s a culture when it represents the people of a place, it’s an art when it beautifies the empty dishes.

It’s a remedy, at least for me when I am too sad, anxiety driven or nervous and it’s even an invention when it comes to the making of the burger looking at Usama Bin Laden’s turban. 

Food- I feel it is both the symptom and the cure.

It can break someone’s heart when you deny to share or it can unite two hearts on a lunch date.

Delhi Food Truck festival is one the famous food festivals in India.

While connecting the dots between Delhi and food, let’s not skip the point that places here are even named after food!

Paranthe wale gali‘ is known for its variety in making delicious paranthas.

So, if you’re a vegetarian, a foodie and avoiding expensive food there goes your favourite food spot.

When you have completely given up on maintaining a slim body for the sake of tasty food, old Delhi is definitely waiting for you.

From papri chats, dahi bhallas, kachoris and samosas to finger licking Mughlai dishes.

Old Delhi is the perfect place for spending an entire day in the midst of delicacies, old forts, humble people and getting​ some beautiful pictures clicked.

Rich in authenticity Old Delhi is successful in retaining and even raising the bar of tasty delicacies.

Travelling by metros in Delhi is the best way of saving time.

And the numerous food carts outside the stations are like icing on the cake.

Have you ever tasted the momos sold outside Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station?

If not, you have definitely missed something yummy.

 Hudson Lane, in GTB Nagar has a number of fine cafes and restaurants which serve food ranging from Italian to Chinese, Continental to North Indian.

And while in Hudson Lane, don’t miss out on the best burgers from Big Yellow Door, Shawarmas from Meatwale, Chicken Biryani from QD’s and many more.

North Campus is known for it’s best colleges where students come from all over the world.

The campus never disappoints any of them.

The tastiest of street foods, juice points and Momo stalls and the most famous of all ” sudama ki chai” are never seen missing from the North campus.

Just like North campus, the South campus is also crowded with students studying in the colleges of Delhi University.

And eateries here are no less in demand.

Also known as Satya Niketan, this place is always charged with students who seek for the best foods at not so high prices.

Next in line, Pandara road near India Gate is liked the most by tandoori lovers, vegetarians can opt for veg gulati too.

The article will keep on expanding but name anexplainthe best food places in Delhi will still remain incomplete.

While NSP, Safdarjung, Amar colony, Jama Masjid, CPaPark, all serve their own kind of delicious foods, there are still many places left for discovering.

Because Delhi is not only “Dilwalo ki Dilli“(lovers’ Delhi) it’s “Khane wall ki Dilli“(foodie’s Delhi) too.

It retains in itself the taste brought by all the people who came and ruled, lived and settled, explored and wandered in this magical place.

From Mughals to Britishers, Aryans to Mongols, Delhi was not only a place, it was a treasure box where everyone left parts of themselves.

It has always welcomed people of all race, caste and classes.

The best example can be given of Majnu ka Tila which is a home to thousands of Tibetan refugees who have not only settled here but have also attracted all the Delhites to the authentic taste of Tibetan dishes.

Delhi is indeed the best place for a foodie!

So go and hop on these Cheap And Best Places To Eat In Delhi 🙂

-Written by Sabnam Ahmed(Student)

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