Fashion Myths and beliefs, you should ignore and make a trend

Fashion myths

When it comes to do’s and don’ts in fashion, the only thing to be kept in mind is, Fashion comes from within.

Something not to be done is following blindly what others wear or do because fashion is something that defines us and every one of us has our own definitions of ourselves!’

So today I’ll be talking about some common myths in fashion and ways to deal with them.

The most important thing about fashion is that it lets us be what we really are.

And there is nothing called fashionable or out of fashion, for fashion is what suits us, it is what defines us and it is what beautifies us. 

The world of fashion is not a school that can compel us to have a dress code.

We are free to try whatever fits us and adores us.

Just like everything around us has some myth or superstition regarding it, fashion is not an exception. 

People say tall girls should avoid heels.

But if heels make you look confident and bold, hey girl, don’t stop wearing them!

Short girls on the other hand are told not to go for long dresses.

They say long dresses make them look shorter.

But doesn’t they also make them look sophisticated?

Old myths are outdated, and breaking them would be more trendy!

When it comes to choosing a bridal dress, brides usually go for red.

But as already mentioned, fashion cannot compel us on anything.

Any colour can be your bridal colour if it makes you the center of attraction because people love what suits the eye.

They are not bulls which would be attracted only by red!

Next come jewelleries.

Jewelleries are important for a bride, but definitely not a necessity!

After all, fashion is comfort, not a shackle that can restrain us from enjoying our moments.

If you are comfortable enough with almost any kind of heavy jewellery like jhumkas, then, why not?

But if they make you constantly worry about them, then, get rid of them.

Because at times, simplicity is the fashion.

What most people miss to realize is the topic of men’s fashion.

Fashion for men is equally important.

For example, grooms must be taken care of and dresses should be chosen carefully.

At times, it is important that the groom’s clothes are in proper line with the bride.

Plus proper jewellery including rings, chains or even a simple brooch can make his look stunning.

Fashion includes not just our clothes but also our hair, eyebrows, or even our piercings.

And unlike our clothes we cannot easily change these things.

So, we need to be very careful while making these decisions.

But even if at times people point us saying, that haircut and that piercing is a disaster, we can make it right.

The only thing we need then is confidence.

With the right way of holding ourselves we can set a new trend and a new fashion.

Hence, what goes wrong is what becomes the new trend!

Following a trend is easy, but setting one isn’t.

*Forgetting about color combination can be trendy.

*Mismatching dresses can be trendy.

*Uneven eyeliner can also be trendy.

*Bangles with jeans?

*A messy bun with a formal classy corporate look?

*Crop tops and a fat tummy?

Nothing is impossible, because if it has never been done before, it’s a new fashion trend!

-Written by Sabnam Ahmed(Student)

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